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  1. Can I ask where you went for the treatments. I just looked up fraxel treatments in Toronto on google and I booked a consulation with Dr. Gidon on Yonge Street.
  2. Sort out digestion and acne will improve, at least in my experience. I used to break out everytime I take high GI foods, and I was always constipated. Eliminating gluten from my diet made me regular and I can eat more foods now a days and not break out.
  3. Soy contains estrogens and lowers testosterone levels so its not really good if your trying to bulk... read about it on t-nation http://www.t-nation.com/readArticle.do?id=459861
  4. Your body is most sensitive to insulin post workout and glycogen stores are depleted and your body needs sugars to replace them or else it breaks down muscles to restore them. So that is actually the best time to eat simple carbohydrates. You could probably eat high GI things that would normally break you out like milk as long as its not an allergy.
  5. I guess those of us who still eat red meat will continue to reap the benifits.
  6. Just a suggestion you might want to try upping your dosage of vitamin a acid to .05 and using it every night that should help with acne on the cheeks and to smooth out the skin and reduce the size of the pores. Not a derm thats just what my he did for me and it works if you can stand the dryness and flaking. And yeah I think we all get tired of our regimes. Sometimes I get stressed out and frustrated with school or other things and I'll loose my motivation to eat the right foods and il gravitate
  7. Used to get cysts on my chin. Removing gluten from my diet cleared this up, although I still get other less serve acne around my face that is probably not allergy related.
  8. Soy is really a poor substitute for real dairy and can negatively impact thyroid and reproductive health. If anything try rice or almond "milk" that is fortified with calcium and vitamin D.
  9. I can't get raw milk where I live (Canada). So I drink whole milk occasionally and it puts on weight for sure.
  10. Less grains more meat. But if your acne is bad enough that it scars your face then go to the derm now.