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  1. I've been on spironolactone and the birth control pill for 23 days now and my period has been going on for 22 days ever since I started taking the medication. I've asked my gynaecologist and she said that it's normal to experience menstrual abnormalities while your hormones are still adjusting. I've broken out in places I've never had to worry about as well! Are you taking spironolactone with food? It may be the reason why you are experiencing cramps. You can always call your dermatologist if th
  2. DAY 16 update. So the combination of YAZ and Spironolactone has resulted in my period being extended to the current 15th day. My menstrual cycle is usually painful, heavy, and lasts around 5 days. (So heavy that I have to go for iron infusions at the hospital.) Presently, my bleeding has ranged between light/medium. The combination of starting the birth control pill again (after a long while) along with spironolactone has resulted in my hormones going slightly unhinged. While my hormones are s
  3. ponyo

    Spiro Day 12

    Have you tried using AHA (alpha hydroxy acid)? They help with closed comedones. :-) AHA has worked wonders on small bumps on my skin in the past.
  4. So far, DAY 13 hasn't been great. I'm getting cystic acne in places I usually never have to worry about. For the past 2-3 days I've had a small/medium cysts growing on my forehead, hairline area and on my nose(!!it's big and red!!). Places I rarely have acne ffs! I think my hormones are trying to find middle ground (at least I hope) because YAZ has extended my period to 12 days. I will wait for my hormones to return from war. I've also started doing LED blue/red light therapy twice a week at