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  1. Well, I'm irate. I just got taken off of Accutane because of my triglyceride count. So now he's put me on Benzaclin in the mornings and Tazorac in the evenings. What thoughts are on this?
  2. First, let me preface by giving my current acne status. After trying The Regimen (good results but not good enough) and Differin/Minocycline (no results), I've gone on Accutane. I've been on it (40mg a day, 125lbs ... just moved to 80mg on even days, 40mg on odd days) for a little over a month and my face is astoundingly already clear. Went from severe to clear already. Howeeeeeeever, I've got quite a few lingering red marks. Is there anything I can do to treat them while on Accutane, or shoul
  3. I took my first Accutane pill today Well, "Amnesteem" generic if you wanna be technical. I know everyone on here says that you should not use any medicated cleansers or use any creams or anything while on Accutane, but is it OK to use moisturizer?
  4. My face has been unusually red lately...but I've been on the same medications for the past month or so without any problem. Sulfacet-R in the mornings, Differin at night ... Minocycline 100mg night and morning. Any ideas on how to get rid of just unexplainable redness?
  5. Here's what I mean. Dan's description of what Sodium Sulfacetamide does: "Sodium Sulfacetamide curbs the growth of P. Acnes, the bacteria that causes acne." Dan's description of what Benzoyl Peroxide does: "Benzoyl peroxide kills P. Acnes, the bacteria that causes acne. " So...does that mean they have the same effect (The killing of the acne-causing bacteria)?
  6. Does Sodium Sulfacetamide have pretty much the same effect as Benzoyl Peroxide? According to Dan's site, I think it does...but I'm not sure.
  7. There's not much I can do - it happens in my sleep (bloody pillow syndrome, as I call it)
  8. I have several big events coming up in two weeks...including camp and school pictures. Any ideas on what I can do to get rid of redness and everything you see there? Lasers, peels, creams, washes, ANYTHING! I'm currently on minocycline 100mg 2x a day, sulfacet-R (morning), differin (night).
  9. I've seen several at-home microdermabrasion machines/treatments/etc. Has anyone tried these? Do they work?
  10. I went to the dermatologist Thursday for my acne. He prescribed to me Differin Cream and Sulfacet. He said to use the Sulfacet in the morning, and the Differin at night. He also said, however, that I could flip-flop them if I wanted to. After seeing how drying the Sulfacet was (not to mention the smell), I decided I'd rather use the Differin in the morning and the Sulfacet at night. Now, though, I'm looking at the product information on the Differin website and it says it should be applied once
  11. Clean&Clear makes a clear powder for covering up oil and shine.
  12. Nevermind - found a related post so this one can be deleted. Sorry
  13. Has anyone used/looked at the new Olay Regenerist Serum? Says its a daily regenerating system for renewing the skin's outer layer that uses concentrated amino-peptide complex as opposed to using chemical peels or laser surgery. Ingredients include things such as Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), B3 & E vitamins, Green Tea, and amino-peptides. Will this work for red marks and such, or with my face at all for that matter? Here's their official information about it: Olay scientists combined this p