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  1. I use Face Reality's sunscreens. They don't clog your pores.
  2. I have very very dry skin. My esthetician recommended me moisturizers used by much older women but they work wonders for me. At night I use Visual Changes Phytosome Nutrient Creme. It is pretty expensive but lasts a very long time because you only need to use a dab. During the day I use Face Reality's Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 30.
  3. Thank you for the information on the information on the Tretinoin! My dermatologist seriously sucks so I could never get her to prescribe me the gel ughghghghghg. Once I get around to finding another one, I will try again! Do you feel like it keeps you looking young too? I'm allergic to BP and salicylic acid. I'm honestly finding that these supplements are helping me more than any thing that I've ever put on topically. I'm just hoping that my clogged pores will go away one day. But it's not like they are noticeable to anyone else but me. I just strive for perfection, ya know? I take the Myomin to balance my hormones overall and the Vitex to increase progesterone production. I am on my period right now and am finding it quite...tolerable? I used to get horrible cramps and my flow was SUPER heavy. I also used to get monsters on my chin during this time. This period and the last one have been tolerable and I don't have a single pimple anywhere on my face. This honestly proves to me that the supplements are working and that my acne was hormonal. There is a lot of information online that can help you figure out what kind of hormonal imbalance you have but I also got a blood test just to make sure. I am estrogen dominant and low on progesterone with normal levels of testosterone. I ate more cheese last night...pray for me.
  4. hello hello, I have been reading these forums for YEARS and have just recently felt confident enough to share my own success with certain products. when I was 23 my chin exploded in painful red cysts that refused to dissipate. it was shit. after lots of research and blood tests it turns out that I, like tons of women, am estrogen dominant. I started acupuncture and taking supplements for my imbalance. After three months, I do not have any more cysts. This is what I take: Margarite pills (plum flower brand is most reputable) Estroblock Zinc (I used the Vitamin Code ones) Fermented Cod Liver Oil (Green Pasture) Myomin (Chi's Enterprise) Vitex (Gaia) Sauerkraut (for digestion) Dandelion Tea/or cook with dandelions (for my liver) So my cysts are gone but I'm left with clogged pores (no inflammation/pain/redness) from all the years of acne production on my chin. I started using topical vitamin A every night two weeks ago and a few of those clogged pores have purged and disappeared. I'm hoping that with continuous use all these little bumps will disappear. I have dry skin so I make sure to MOISTURIZE the hell out of my face with non-comedogenic products after I put on the vitamin A. (Note that prescription Retin-A can clog your pores...so I refuse to use that). I was feeling so good about not having any cysts that I slacked off a bit on my "clean" diet this past month and ate quite a bit of cheese. Usually, within a day of eating cheese, I would develop some pretty nasty monsters on my face. But, there is nothing! I am of course still paranoid that a cyst could develop at any moment but so far....nothing. P.S. acne.org gave me the username "bigfeel"....what the heck? how do I change that?