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  1. Day 13 Wow...it's been a while since I have updated. Ever since day 8, it has been pretty much the same, so I was reluctant to make any additional comments regarding my acne. But today, I started to have peeling and dried lips whenever I do not drink A LOT of water. It is so obvious that whenever I go out and I do not have easy access to water as I do when I am at home. My lips are so dried up. And seriously, I took advantage to the fact that not that many new acne were formed and slept late fo
  2. Day 8 Two new ones formed in the centre of my left cheek...my right cheek is so gross...mix of old and new marks...man...I do not like this.
  3. Day 6 No new ones formed. Face is not dried, but lots of red marks on face...and the red marks piss me off. Anyone has good methods of healing the red marks or scars?
  4. Day 5 The active inflamed ones are healing and everytime i wash my face, i can scraped some skin off with the wash...I am still expecting the worst condition is on its way. For some reasons, it's still not that bad yet. I have been doubting the amount of accutane that I have been given is enough. Man...my final grades came out...one of them sucked a**...I am so mad and pissed right now.
  5. Day 4 I bought my mineral makeup by jane iredale. I don't think it covers as much as the other non-mineral makeup. My inflamed bumps from 2 days ago have become red marks now, I seriously doubt they will heal completely...They are simply TOO huge to be healed without a trace. Today, I got one new one in the centre of my left cheek. Why? They just really like to grow in the most obvious places. I guess I slept too late these days, should probably start sleeping early like 11pm. Not much side ef
  6. Day 3 Skin is pretty much the same as yesterday. Seems like the the inflamed ones are a bit dried up...hopefully everything will be better today. Thanks Patti! you have a good advice, I should not dwell on what has been done...it simply cause more stress and caused more acne...
  7. DAY 2 Seriously, I hate myself for being so pig, always wants to eat the worse kind of food for my skin. I just ate 4 pieces of fried chicken and I got 5 bumps. I swear now, I am not touching fried, spicy, sweet food until May 2008, which is the expected end date of treatment. I hope everyone could be a witness for me. I WILL NOT EAT THOSE!! Even though I am not experiencing the extreme dryness yet, but I can sense that the worst acne are on their way...why? I felt like my skin is not as smooth
  8. Hi guys, this is such a great place to share all the thoughts and feelings about acne....I have been suffering from acne for a few years now. In the past few years, I have used extensive makeup to cover them up. My acne have been improving and worsening on and off, I have been seeing my family physician and dermatologist about this. But they only prescribed me antibiotics and never even told me about accutane at all, which has caused me to have scars and still more acne to come out... Then in t
  9. hope everything is going well for you:) so, what do you use to spot treat or prevent scarring?
  10. hey, just wondering are you on benzoyl peroxide while you are on accutane? Just to help with the healing process?
  11. Wow, what a great improvement! Congratz! I will be going on to Accutane soon, my blood test results will be in next Tuesday. Hopefully, I could use the drug. I am just wondering, what kind of products do you use to prevent scarring while you have major breakouts from the drug? Any good recommendations? Are there anything out there that will help improve the scars? Thanks:)