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    ArT!! yah :) Music Too
  1. Thanks ill ask my derm about that. I did hear about people taking that and having good results so ya ill look into it.
  2. hey guys im supposed to go to the derm in a couple of days. Ive already been on minocycline, and doxy and on tazorac cream and stuff but i broke out pretty bad two weeks ago although its getting better. i was wondering what should i ask for because i think my acne is hormonal and around my mouth and i have been getting cystic acne bumps should i ask for some certain pill? any recommendations on what i should ask for? Thanx
  3. interesting i think ill try that sometimes i think i dont brush my teeth well enough
  4. i know how you feel im twenty years old also and recently ive just skipping out on friends cuz of my face too. Im supposed to go to the derm soon but ive read that bactrim really helps i dont know if youve been on that but hopefully it will help me nd i read about spiro but i think if accutane is what you have to do i think maybe you should try it who knows maybe it will really help.
  5. Has anyone tried this product and does it work?...just curious
  6. I feel the same way as you but we cant let the obsession of us not feeling good about ourselves control our lives its not good. It is really good that your letting it out cuz having those feelings is stressful and this seems like a good place to let it out sometimes i let it out in my journal lame but it helps...i dont tell my family either because ill start crying and i think its embarrasing too i dont want them to worry about it. But keep your head up and be glad your alive you can see, talk,
  7. I really have never heard about fraxel...im guna look it up. Hope it goes well tho with No aftermath breakouts for you.
  8. is ground flaxseed better than the oil kind?
  9. Dessert Essence Jojoba oil. it cleanse out clogged pores too.
  10. hey brentkid i looked through your accutane log and thanks for posting it now i know how it works, your skin looks really good! i want my skin that clear. but yah if i go on accutane now ill know what to expect.
  11. so ive been looking up oil cleansing methods and i was wondering where do you get castor oil and sunflower seed oil? market or sumthing? and can jojoba oil be used instead of castor oil or sunflower seed oil?
  12. Thats what happen to me too and then i gave up on the regimen all together cuz i got frustrated. right now im waiting on a app. with my derm maybe you shud see one too before it gets worse.
  13. I heard spiro is good for hormonal acne which is what i think i have since i break out with cystic acne around my chin area and i was wondering if i shud try this.....Is it hard to get spiro prescripted to you?
  14. kay i read on the accutane reviews that this one person didnt see results till the 6th month so just hang in there.