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  1. Hello Amber, I am 42 and still breaking out. Is that cleanser available in the Philippines? I would like to give it a shot. Hope to hear from you. Thanks
  2. In my book you give as good as you get...... Next time she says..."What happen?" and points to your face.... you in-turn say (and stare hard at her face) "I'm sorry I didn't hear what you were saying, I was so distracted by the pound of makeup on your face. Let me ask you something did you put your makeup on with a roller, or did you spackle it on?" ....then wait and she what the bitch says......promise you, that will be that last time she ever says anything about your face.....
  3. Well I've been around for 35 years so I have a little knowledge on this topic.....~giggle~ Can I find a guy with acne attractive? Sure can....... Being someone that has suffered from acne I can totally understand how hard the dating scene can be, it's just plain hard, but a guy having acne is not going to "lessen" his chances with me. Now your next question can be answered so many different ways, by different women, but what makes a guy attractive to me is his sense a humor, if he can keep m
  4. I bought Zeno right when it came out, so I spent $250, not to mention replacement tips where $25 a pop (I went through 3 tips) before realizing that it wasn't doing a dam thing. Every-time I see that dam thing sitting in my drawer I start grinding my teeth cause I'm so pissed that I spent all that money for NOTHING!!!!!! You'll get better results by using hot compresses over your pimples/cysts.....at least it's free and it's actually doing something.
  5. Thanks!!!!!! As far as moisturizer goes...nope, dont need it.....the Tea-tree soap does not dry me out, it actually leaves it super soft and with the on spot treatment, I'm good. The only thing I put cream on is right under my eyes, but not because of drying but because I'm fighting the dam lines LOL The funny part is right when I just gave up giving a rats-ass about my skin, and after spending so much time and a small fortune on my horrible skin, wouldn't you know it my regular piercer was th
  6. I became a member to this site over 2 years ago (can't remember my last account info so I had to open up a new account) well I've used a lot of the stuff that was recommended on this site (aspirin mask, huge dosages of vitamin B, lots of home made remedies, etc, etc, etc) some worked briefly, some didn't, some even made my cystic acne even worse. When I tell you I've tired it all, pills, creams, antibiotics, doctor visit after doctor visit, microdermabrasion, light therapy, tanning, ZENO, Pro