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  1. Give it a little time. I ordered on Nov 16 and i just got that order yesterday! :shock: I think it was because the mail system was delayed and busy due to Christmas and New Years and other recent Public holidays. If you dont receive it in about a week or two, email them and they will send you that order again. ah ok ill give it some time ^_^ thankies! i can't wait to try it.
  2. hey everyone im a bit worried. i made a mail payment order for a EDM sample kit on dec.11. the status said shipped for quite some time now and i still havent gotten my order . (i live in canada). should i be worried? >.<
  3. No worries! Keep me updated on how you go with Everyday Minerals! :D

  4. Thanks, but it's probably just my hair and tattoos, lol.

  5. btw. u do look like yakuza! lol. ~choooo kakkoii!

  6. i wish D: its all in the wonders of make up.

  7. Hey there! :) I am just reading your PM regarding EM! Hope i can help you! :)

  8. Hi. Your skin looks absoloutely clear and even toned!