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  1. So I just found this today and had lots of questions, lol. Hopefully someone can help out. 1. I don't understand what the posters above mean about juicer vs blender. I have the NutriBullet, is that good enough? 2. The sweet potato and butternut squash is raw? Really? 3. Instead of olive oil/flaxseed/etc for fats, can you use avocado? 4. I've found in the past (at least with the NutriBullet), without water, the veggie juice is too thick (need to spoon it out!). What's the harm
  2. So I recently had a blood test done, got the results for the following: Total Testosterone: 16.1 nmol/L (ref 8.3-30.2) Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulphate: 6.2 umol/L (ref 3.0-10.5) Sex Hormone Binding Globulin: 40 nmol/L (13-71) Calculated Free Testosterone: 297 pmol/L (225-725) I specifically asked my doctor to check DHT. Is DHT=Calculated Free Testosterone, or have they missed it entirely? Otherwise, the levels are within normal ranges as far as numbers go. However,
  3. Sorry to hijack the thread, but i have similar flesh coloured bumps on my forehead too, so I am interested in how you go with the ACV. Sweetkenzie, you've recommended BHA, isnt that just Salcylic Acid? any particular product in paula's range u recommend, or anything else?
  4. Seems like a silly question but the regime stipulates to follow the directions so precisely, i thought i'd ask just in case. when applying the BP, is it ok to fan-dry? you know, like using an open-palm hand or magazine to fan-dry the BP so i dont have to wait so long for it to air-dry on its own.
  5. hi psytra, i read ur earlier post describing ur acne, and it sounds almost identical to mine. was wondering what ur current regime is with using these two products and how clear u r.
  6. has any1 trying this actually consulted a medical or nutritional expert? is there some short term or even long term health risks of drinking 4 tablespoons of ACV a day for the rest of ur life?
  7. hi aussiegirl, was wondering if u can help me out a bit. a few months ago, i saw a natrupath in regards to my irritable bowel syndrome (constipation) and she told me to go off gluten. anyway, so i tried it for two months, and it actually made my ibs worse so i stopped the gluten-free diet (without consulting her mind u). but what i found during those two months was that my rather mild acne started to clear up. but it continued to clear up even after i started eating gluten again. at the moment