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  1. What thunder said is true. BUT if you do decide to go for supplements, make sure the zinc is of the picolinate type because they are shown to be much more readily absorbed than oxide (the cheapest form) Besides, I believe that one vitamin or mineral alone will do nothing for your acne -- i've tried it! You need a more holistic approach to it by incorporating diet, fish oil, plus many other things to keep your bases covered
  2. Doctors don't know too much about nutrition and health, and many studies have shown my statement to be true. So asking a doctor about your vitamin deficiency and acne would almost be useless. I think the best way for you to see if taking vitamins can help your acne is to experiment for yourself.
  3. I've tried this Acai and I don't doubt it's antioxidant capacity. BUT it's no miracle nutrient for acne. Don't depend on Acai alone to get rid of your acne. It takes a more wholistic approach like incorporating a healthy lifestyle and diet. When you incorporate a healthy lifestyle and diet, that's when I've notice a dramatic reduction of acne. Acai is good to have as extra protection.
  4. Here's what is true regarding weightlifting, the heavier you lift, the more testosterone that's released in your bloodstream. That means higher rate of acne. (but as a great side-effect - bigger, stronger muscles! =) This is especially true if you lift heavy with multi-joint exercises like heavy squats, bench press, and rows (for your back muscles) Something to take into consideration when starting an exercise program. And something as low intensity as running/jogging, not much testosterone
  5. I don't believe it's one supplement or one drink that gives you the sustained energy you need throughout the day. Sure all these (caffeine, coconut oils) are temporary solutions for you feeling tired... But I think you've just answered your own question, you eat ONLY when you absolutely need to...try eating more often (healthy stuff)! Stressed? Try relaxation with short naps, meditation, plenty of sleep. And of course get your ass out there and do some exercise. All you need to do is get p
  6. Yeah but on this website under LEARN and ACNE MYTHS it says that diet does not effect acne, and my dermotologist said that too. Unfortunately, most dermatologists know nothing about diet and acne, here's why... Only a 3 percent of six thousand medical licensing board exam questions that includes dermatology are even loosely related nutrition. A survey published in Medical Education Online, only 7 percent of schools in the United States had an actual nutrition course to give future medi
  7. I don't believe genetics is the main cause of acne for most people, because if you look at groups of people who eat a healthy non-Western diet that is made up of unhealthy fast foods, milk products, sodas, etc. acne is almost non-existent. For example... From the Archives of Dermatology, December 2002 (Volume 138, Number 12) researchers found that: "Acne vulgaris is virtually nonexistent in 2 nonwesternized populations: the Kitavan Islanders of Papua New Guinea and the Ache hunter-gatherers
  8. You don't need Zileuton, there's a study by Wake Forest University researchers that showed that a combo of Omega-3 and gamma-linolenic acid could decrease the the anti-inflammatory chemicals the same as Zileuton.
  9. In the past I've seen an acupuncturist and she prescribed some Liver Detox Pill you can get at your local Chinatown. For me personally, it worked very well...except that it's hard to swallow and tastes and smells bad. You don't have to see an acupuncturist, just go down to an herbal shop and ask for a liver cleanse pill...you don't need a prescription.
  10. Hey since many people get worse acne after drinking milk and milk-based products...maybe taking out the milk will work even better?
  11. Check out the actual side-effects taken from Accutane's own site, I would so NO!
  12. You should google Nutiva Hemp Protein...cheapest one I found online and all organic at about $8/lb, which isn't too bad.
  13. i've tried rubbing apple cider vinegar on my face before I sleep and I found that it works pretty damn good. I found it via: www.earthclinic.com The smell reminds me of someone puking for some reason - but if you can stand the smell you might as well try it.
  14. Hey Crazy, I've read a book that said that if you eat yogurt, it has mild anti-inflammatory effects b/c of the probiotics. And according to that book, yogurt is the only dairy product that doesn't produce acne b/c of the probiotics. I don't about smearing that stuff over your face, but tell me how that works for you!