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  1. Hi Nouchka98. Thank you very much for your reply. So I have tried everything you’ve mentioned and sadly nothing has cleared up my skin to the condition it was before it started getting greasy. Also nothing helped me not to break out regularly. I’m in a constant fear that I wake up next day and find myself full of comedones like now. I’m on oral contraceptives for several years which should have helped me with reducing androgen levels. However it seems they don’t, as my seb
  2. Hello everyone. I’ve been struggling with subclinical acne (comedones) and oily skin for about 10 years now, which have even led me to serious psychological problems. Basically I’ve tried everything possible except to Accutane in these 10 years but nothing gave me significant or stable change. The texture and oiliness is sometimes worse sometimes better, an okay skin period may last for a week but then comes the hell again. These changes have nothing to do with my period. I