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  1. i have to say u gave it all u got... u fought it off...excellent transformation man thumbs up for u.

  2. CyberGuy

    Don't give up!

    My acne is just like me, stubborn... ;)
  3. Interesting stuff, thanks for letting us know about your success! I'll have to get some for myself and give it a shot. I wonder if this stuff will work as well as what you are using... BroccoMax
  4. Hey everybody, I just found this website (ghchealth.com), and they have some very interesting (if they really work) acne related products. I'm thinking about ordering some, but I would like to know if any of you have used their products before. I did a search, but nobody has posted about this before. EDIT: Whoops, the websites address is ghchealth.com, not ghchealth.org. My bad! Could one of the admins or mods change the subject of this topic for me? Thanks, CyberGuy
  5. Ahh! I'm lost! The gallery is only showing me 5 galleries at a time, and I can't find the link to the next page anywhere. Sorting them differently seems to change the galleries that come up, but other than that I'm very confused.