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  1. Okay so starting mid August until last week I've been going to a skin care clinic to get my acne treated. It cost $1000 every month for weekly visits, totalling $3000 plus another 600-700 for extras I had to pay for. My problem is that my acne has gotten worse. I know that a lot of people go through a purging period but I had already completed 3.5 months of a 6-month plan they created for me. My acne should have slowly started improving, not getting worse. It got really bad when they did a laser
  2. Lol yea, definitely. I paid $250 for genesis laser because they recommended it and I broke out in pustules alllllll over my chin and jaw. I seriously cried and they said it's not a big deal and wrote me a prescription for 100$+ worth of medications to clear it. Thanks for nothing..I am contemplating switching to a different clinic..
  3. i got a bunch of shots on my face yesterday due to a severe breakout. they're muuch smaller now but some of them are still red and raised. would it be ok to apply bp? and is it ok to use a retinoic acid gel and bp one after another or should I just use one... thanks!
  4. this sounds great. i also have a problem with fluid retention heh. i am going to ask my derm to prescribe it for me
  5. mmm well i found a really good blot powder. it mattifies better than oil absorbing sheets, which, if you're really greasy like me, tends to not get the oil off completely. this powder really gets every trace of oil. its called the face shop happy face powder and comes in white or violet. use violet if you're pale skinned and it's translucent and lightweight
  6. O: Iwill give it a try.Sounds interesting. GD in your avatar lol:)
  7. Well I've oily skin and Neutrogena oil-free moisture for combination skin works the best for me. It feels very light and doesn't give a sheen. I'm on the regimen and this supplies enough moisture
  8. Garnier moisture rescue refreshing gel cream
  9. High school was such an insignificant part of my life, lol.
  10. I feel horrible today. I'm getting these skin colored bumps that I never got before and its pissing me off. My hypertrophic scars are also giving me sharp pains and I keep scratching cuz it's itchy. It's made them more red and I have new pimples on my chin. GRR
  11. hey i think you should go see a derm. they're not that expensive actually. my derm sees me once a month and its $100 each session, he rotates between steroid shots and laser. im also on antibiotics (doryx) and differin (which he makes me put on the scars too) time is one thing that has not helped my hypertrophic scars at all. they've actually spread out.
  12. so i only started getting steroid injections in recent months but i've had these hypertrophic scars for YEARS (5 years, maybe a little less) has anyone who started treatment late been able to flatten them out substantially at least? will there still be discoloration in that area?
  13. in my experience, no. i began breaking out seriously in jr high and thats when i developed hypertrophic scars i believe. i've had them for as long as i can remember on both sides of my jawline. (i'm 18 now) they're very bumpy, red, and have not digressed since my teenage years.
  14. I have these along my jawline..hard bumps that look like boils and they vary in size but they're mostly big. It's like a huge patch of them and they sort of look like I got a burn wound. The bumps themselves are white and they're connected by redness. They don't hurt AT ALL but sometimes they itch. Nothing I do works, they never get bigger or smaller. Or when they do get smaller they spring back up once I touch it or something. And they have no head, I think that's what its called. And they're
  15. well I'm no expert but I have a ton of blackheads. The pore strips work but they come back in a matter of days, plus it doesn't get everything. Recently though I bought some microfiber cloths and started exfoliating my nose with that and my nose looks heck of alot better.