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  1. CVD, thanks for all the info, it's greatly appreciated. Informing people of what cleared your skin is always useful, especially when you aren't obligated to and are devoting your free time to help others.
  2. It definitely helped me, but it's mostly a bandaid. It doesnt attack the root cause and if you're anything like me you'll get fed up when you randomly break out while on the stuff. I believe I have narrowed down a food intolerance being the most significant cause, possibly even root cause of My acne. After a atleast a month or so I may start a thread on My findings.
  3. You know, I think this latest post should be the preface to your OP. It gives people a nice perspective as to where you came from and why you recommend the things you do.
  4. I was once a strong advocate of low carb, high fat dieting, and I still believe it can be very therapeutic, but it isn't an "absolute." There are groups of people who have thrived on a variety of diets, mosty notably ones that don't contain modern, processed ingredients. You don't need to eat high fat to be healthy and those of us who have issues with acne may not be able to process these fats efficiently. I for one, don't seem to be able to as far as my skin is concerned, unless I take a large
  5. I must say moonbase you make an interesting case. I haven't read everything but I'll be looking up some information regarding some of your hypotheses. I went very low carb and high fat at one time and it definitely helped, but I didn't find too much relief in the end. 1.) 10gm a day of B5 for a year or more cleared me of acne almost 100%, but I started experiencing some side effects and didn't want to use it as a crutch. My oil production was down but I was still getting clogged pores and fl
  6. You ate what you considered a clean diet for about 6 years and you cleared up your skin in the process. You say now that you convinced yourself you were happy even though you weren't really (I'm sure clear skin made you happy). You began adding back in foods you were convinced were causing you problems and you have yet to break out. Were you only concerned with eliminating foods that caused acne or you were you doing this for acne and overall health? I've restricted certain foods from my diet
  7. I would say moderate, but I've never had the kind of cysts that cause the ice pick scars. Although I've had a lot of acne on various parts of my body I've never been permanently scarred by them, they just leave a mark that takes quite a while to fade depending on how deep they began. I have flaky skin on my scalp and face, and yet my skin has also been an oil slick ever since I was about 16 years old. The flakiness has been reduced and I'm hoping it will continue to improve on this diet. I be
  8. I've done a successful keto diet by keeping my fat intake relatively high, particularly saturated animal/coconut fat. I felt a bit weird the first few days but it went away quickly. You have to keep your fat high and get enough calories in to keep your energy levels normalized. I did add some carbs in later but kept it around 50 grams or less and my skin has been thanking me ever since. I've experimented with all kinds of diets to rid myself of these skin problems and this is the first diet th
  9. Based on pictures I've seen and articles I've read about symptoms, it doesn't seem like you have an actual thrush infection. There's definitely a build up of bacteria, but if that's actually considered Thrush, which I doubt, most people would have this condition.
  10. It's a wonder how people long ago survived without grocery stores that provided fruits, vegetables and grains from all over the world, that only grow under certain climates, conditions, and seasons that somehow nature intended for them to eat because their bodies were not capable of flushing out toxins without the "fiber" these foods provided. I think people have been so indoctrinated that they don't even question these things. Although the agricultural industries are very thankful for this. I
  11. "Conventional" science has been misinforming people about a lot of health related topics. You have to find out who's funding the research and carefully examine the methods used, as most people never question it and simply read the conclusions as complete evidence. Often times there are many variables that are not controlled for, leaving big holes in the resulting hypothesis. You know that famous cliche, "Correlation does not equal causation". It is a very true statement. I'm still not convince
  12. I had something similar happen myself. I believe it's the "fiber" in the apple that's causing the pains (fermentation, gas, etc.) I'm of the belief that plant fiber does more harm than good to us, especially those who have become dependent on them to relieve constipation.