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  1. Okay so here's my 2 week Enerjet update. The hyperpigmentation is starting to fade. I must say my skin looks fuller and more healthy. I understand the comments about the fillers making your face look a bit fuller. But personally I like this effect because like I said in previous posts. I lost some volume due to dermarolling. So this is now corrected somewhat. My rolling scars have improved. I can look in my most hated mirror now without feeling really bad about the way the scars look. T
  2. im glad you decided to embark on the enerjet journey the same thing happened to me the first time the doc missed some important scars and it was really frustrating for me. i cant comment on rolling scars but im pretty sure you will receive improvement. so for the ice pick and boxcars can you explain exactly what your regimen was? its interesting too hear you got 97 percent improvement on them. please let me know as those are the kind of scars i have. as for enerjet you will continue too see imp
  3. Hi guys, I've had an Enerjet treatment with Dr. Patel in London 11 days ago. First off let me say that I think Dr. Patel is a nice guy, he listened well and made me feel comfortable. He also made me mark the scars that bother me the most with a pencil to make sure he wouldn't miss scars. The treatment was painless for me and it was over quick. My face looked dreaful afterwards but I did not care. I'm not from the UK so I had to fly back to my country the same day. I wore a hoodie and a few h
  4. Nice results. Congrats! You must be really happy. How did you get rid of those rolling ones? I've had nice results too but can't seem to get rid of the last rolling scars.
  5. I had this blackhead on my cheek for about a month or two. Didn't touch it. But last week I had this stupid mood and decided to remove it. I know very stupid, lots of regrets. It got inflamed after that and became a whitehead. I popped it and let it heal, there came a scab which later fel of when I washed my face. After a few days this hole became visable. It's like a blackish purpleish open pore. I'm freaking out. It's just a little prick but very obvious you can see it from some distance a
  6. Here's a new pic http://i46.tinypic.com/2e3uble.jpg
  7. Yeah I tried that.. Can't seem to make a good shot. Will try to make a better picture
  8. This is my right cheek: http://img841.imageshack.us/img841/6060/scars.jpg Wil subcision help these two scars? they're rolling scars right? And would you call this shallow or deep?
  9. Hi there, Let me tell you my story in short: About two years ago I started scarring, at first I panicked and got depressed. At the time I was obsessively reading the boards looking for solutions. I dermarolled and needled myself with mixed results. Got improvement in boxscars but the whole area of my cheek that i rolled got sunken in and saggy. I also did TCA crosses on myself, had a couple of minor accidents but everything healed in the end. Got some nice results on a couple of boxcars
  10. It was in the early stages (we're still early now but I mean in the first couple of weeks) I had a bad day and was feeling unhappy about my scars. She noticed my mood and asked me what's up. I mean sometimes I get insecure and almost feels like she's to good for me. I'm telling you that is so not me. Cause a year ago I probably would have questioned with al my arrogance at the time if she was good enough for me But anyway I asked her "Why do you like me?" She told me she likes the natural fee
  11. Very good post! I too find it hard to get into a long term relationship due to my scarring. This situation is very annoying for me. Because the feeling is so double. On one side side I have my new found life with this girl. When we're together I just don't think about the scarring. But on the other side I have my life without her, the life that is being hold back extremely by the scarring. Should I go into a long term relationship I need to fix my issues first. I can't really give her my 100% a
  12. Good post bro. I hear you on the whole scars thing

  13. I won't post any photo's but I have moderate scarring yes. A few shallow rolling scars, a few boxcars, icepicks and a lot of enlarged/scarred pores. Timehealsall i've seen your photo's and my scarring is worse then yours. You are one of the people my post is relevant for. I think you too need to focus on the mental part and fixing that. I won't judge you because I understand your feelings.
  14. I just want to share something with you guys. Al lot of us here are experiencing the same issues. Sometimes scarring hits you in the face out of nowhere and suddenly your life changes a lot. You get depressed and less social. I too am going through this. But recently I met a girl. She's a model and a very very pretty girl. I used to date a lot of girls before I got scarring, but the scars destroyed my confidence and I didn't date anymore. Anyway this girl and me fell in love and are having a gre
  15. If I were you I'd just go for at least one professional PRP treatment. Pay good atention, ask a lot of questions. Learn and observe. If the treatment is effective and you're confident that you can preform it yourself you buy what you need and try it yourself.