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  1. I do eat a lot of cheese...I dont think theres a day where i dont consume cheese, or even milk. Maybe i can try and cut back on that...Also my mom decided to order the Zenmed Acne treatment..She said shes heard a lot of good things about it, and is going to order it for me...Anyone have suggestions on that?
  2. Quick update...Today i broke out even more, alot around my mouth..seems like the acne-free isn't working..I'm now scheduling another derm appt...
  3. Maybe i should look more into this. Im gonna try and schedule another dermatologist appt, and if he recommends accutane im going to inquire more information and talk to my parents.
  4. Haha thank you, that does make me feel better!
  5. I would really like to start accutane, but my parents are afraid too....They heard stories of hair falling out, and depression, etc... You think that will happen to me or is it a mixed bag situation..?
  6. I dont think i ever heard of effaclar k...What exactly is it? And how long did you use it for?
  7. Will do, i would really like to have a clear face for when i walk across the stage in june, and graduate.
  8. My mom went out and got my Acne Free severe kit. I havent tried it yet, but it does contain bp. So i guess thats worth a try.
  9. I have not tried accutane yet, my parents think its too (dangerous?) for me...I usually get side effects, and i guess they are afraid of what will happen...But i have tried benzoyl peroxide too..i guess not long enough?
  10. Hello everyone! I'm Phil, and im From New York. I have been suffering from acne since i was about 13. Started out on my chin, and hasn't left since...Now it has erupted on my forehead. I have been to the dermatologist about 5 times, and been on a few things such as MinoCycline, Doxycline, Benzaclin, and even in store products such as acne-free, oxy, and a few others...I still can not find something to cure my acne. I am now a senior in high school and still suffering, but e
  11. I want to try accutane so bad, but my mom is iffy about it becuase im prone to getting side effects..Minocycline was too strong for me, and so i was placed on tetracycline, which did nothing by the way.. Im running out of ideas.
  12. Neosporin? Never heard of that, im gonna give that a try tonight...And yes my mom just told me they have retouch, so that does make me feel tons better!
  13. I have had acne since i was about 13. I'm now almost 18, senior in high school and am still suffering from large painfull bumps. When i say i have tried everything, i mean i have tried everything...From minocycline,tetracycline,proactive,acnefree,oxy,netrogena, home remedies, and nothing has worked for me...So as of tomorrow im going to try this diet. Its a 3 day diet where you can only eat apples and drink water. The concept behind the apple fast is that acne forms due to having a toxic build-u
  14. Awesome, my parents are talking it over, but im gonna go in for the medical blood tests and stuff to see if i can take it or not and discuss a few more things with the doc.
  15. Hey guys, i have cystic acne, and i have been on doxy since august...hasn't done to much...recently i was put on BenzaClin, and it has worked well until 2 weeks into it i have large cysts again...i'm really thinking about accutane but, i got side effects from minocycline, which is why my dermatologist put me on doxy...Do you think its really worth trying accutane?
  16. I have tried Duac before, but it really never worked...worked for a week then i guess i got immune to it and it didnt work anymore...Also today i have a pretty large cyst on the right side of my face, im wondering how to treat it =[ I have tried Duac before, but it really never worked...worked for a week then i guess i got immune to it and it didnt work anymore...Also today i have a pretty large cyst on the right side of my face, im wondering how to treat it =[
  17. Hey Guys, i was recently put on "Benzaclin" and I've been on it for a month...the first week was awesome no acne, but now i have a few zits here and there, but no huge cysts! And it is drying my face out,leaving white flakes....Im on this with minocycline which i take once at night, it makes my face so smooth to its awesome, i just hope this isn't going to stop working?..
  18. Hey guys, my derm just put me on something new...called benzaClin...anyone ever use it let me know how it works for you, im on my frist day right now :]
  19. Hey wow those are great hint, ill definitively try some of those!
  20. it would be so great, i just hope i dont get any bad side effects, and its seems a pain going to doctors every month for blood work. =[
  21. can anyone give me some ideas for help?
  22. I also tried Amoxicillin, and that gave me dizzy spells where it felt like the room was spinning, but i only tried that for about a week, or two i wish i didnt get the sideeffects. It sucks becuase im prone to getting alot of sideeffects. heres a pic of when my face looked good =[
  23. thanks guys, but the doctor gave me a booklet, and said it has somehwat caused suicide attempts, and depression blah blah, and that even scared me but this acne is so annoying. And im in school right now, i have ajob it would be super hard to get a dr.app every month for blood work, is also what he said i would need untill june.
  24. i was thinking about accutane too, but im prone to getting sideffects, for example they put me on minocycline and i got sick to my stomach and dizzy, they switched me to doxy cycline, which is what im at now. Isnt working to well, and they recommend accutane, as the final thing.