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  1. Hi everyone! I haven't posted in a year or more but I just wanted to drop in and update. Recently a lot of people have been asking me for acne help and I recommended sulfur, which reminded me that I posted this thread. My skin continues to be clear from using sulfur, although recently I've started using mandelic acid as well. I don't have perfect skin and still get the occasional zit, but having severe acne before...I'm so grateful for my results.
  2. Glad to hear that you found something that worked! Wow, I'd love to visit a sulfur spring one day, that sounds so cool. I wish more people knew about sulfur, I sure wish I found out about it sooner. Thanks for the neem oil tip, I will check it out.
  3. Yes, I leave it on all night. My ointment is running out and I'm thinking of switching to just using the soap in the shower. I remember it being pretty drying though so I'll probably just wash it off right away. Hopefully I don't have to use lotion anymore.
  4. I got my friend to try out sulfur soap, her skin is super oily. I see her every morning and already her face is shiny. A couple days after she started using it, I could definitely tell her skin was drying up. About the smell - try to find an unscented version! The one I use is pretty good, it doesn't really have any smell. Some sulfur products I've tried puts a load of fragrance and it just smells horrible. Although using sulfur soap would be good because you don't have to have it on for very
  5. I use the cream..I haven't ever encountered a gel version of sulfur. Yes, I leave it on the skin.
  6. I wish I could right now, but my skin is clear. I'll try digging up old pictures before I started and I'll post them as soon as I find them. The 10% Sulfur ointment I bought was found at drugstores. Sulfur has been used an acne treatment since ancient times, naturally found in hot sulfurous mineral water. If you look at some high-end acne products like the Drying Lotion from Mario Badescu, you'll see the active ingredient is sulfur. The reason people don't use it regularly is because it's very
  7. Benzoyl Peroxide is already pretty drying...I'd say use sulfur as a spot treatment or alternate usage of the two products - BP in the day, Sulfur at night. I wouldn't use both at the same time though.
  8. Please check out my thread on sulfur. Sulfur's really good at drying up oil and clearing acne. Hope it helps!
  9. Hey there - I just had a huge chin breakout a week ago and it's basically clear now. Please check out my thread on sulfur. Hope it helps!
  10. That's great to hear - that's what sulfur does for me too! It seems to pull all the bad stuff (in layman terms) to the surface and helps it heal faster. I know how frustrating it is to not find a product after going to different stores. If you could find anything that has sulfur in it, it'll work. The De La Cruz one that I have isn't put in with all the other skin products. Usually it's off in its own section usually near ethnic products. At Longs Drugs, it was put in the skin care aisle, but i
  11. Sorry for not replying earlier! I just remembered today that I made a thread on this. To those who requested, the brand is De La Cruz and it's called Sulfur 10% Ointment. Here's a link to some reviews: click me! To post a quick update - I've been completely clear since using this product. Whenever I get lazy and don't put anything on - I get zits. But the sulfur quickly clears it up again. Recently, I stopped using it for 2 weeks due to a surgery and infection. I got a huge breakout on my for
  12. I haven't visited these forums in such a long time since my fight with acne seems to be over, but I feel I have an obligation to return and share what worked for me. I'll start with a little background info. I've had severe acne for about 6 years now, and only last year have I finally had success with it. I've tried so many different products: benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, mandelic acid, glycolic acid, tea tree oil, clindamycin, tretinoin...the list can continue for a whole page! What I dis
  13. Helio

    bird poop

    Raiderdood, congrats on taking the dive. Your description of it made me laugh out loud. The first time I did it, I broke out too which is why I sorta thought it was a waste of money. I think after my third one, I realized my skin was getting a whole lot better. When I skipped a few days, the breakouts returned so I finally believed the bird poop actually worked. Keep with it! At least for a week or so, because results aren't instant.
  14. Helio

    bird poop

    Just a quick update. And regarding my last post, it was too harsh. I was just angry. I'm sorry for any offense I caused. My skin is getting better again. I don't really have any acne on my face and the few red marks are blending in even more. Skintone is looking great. My body acne is actually a lot better too. A lot of pimples surfaced though - purging? Here's some advice: get an extractor. I got mine at Walmart for under $5. Extracting pimples is a cleaner and safer way of popping pimples. A
  15. Helio

    bird poop

    The real fucked up thing is that you are so close-minded. Have you ever tried it? What makes you think you can judge something with no experience with it? I doubt you can tell me where the ingredients in your skin products come from.