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  1. justp


    I'm currently on day 72 of Accutane / roaccutane / isotretinoin treatment for a severe type of cystic acne called acne conglobata.
  2. justp

    Severe Cystic Acne Journey

    Documenting the healing process of acne conglobata.
  3. hey, thanks so much for your reply. and thank you for watching! I'm sorry you experienced severe acne for that length of time- must have been a real battle. so pleased you have no active acne. It's really always encouraging to hear from people who'd had positive experiences with accutane. there are an awful lot of horror stories! (though I know there will be some with any drug, and it's hard to tell whether any are grounded in truth.) do you mind me asking - did you have any concerns about long
  4. No I was not taking anything when my skin became like this. I am now on hormonal birth control b/c I have to be to take Accutane.
  5. Hey. I was recently diagnosed with acne conglobata, which I'm told is a severely inflammatory type of cystic acne. couldn't find much personal logs of this hellish thing and navigating healthcare has been challenging to say the least so I decided to talk about it online in the hope of connecting with people also familiar with it, (which is equally terrifying as it is liberating.) currently waiting to start roaccutane treatment -and learning how to access dermatology healthcare in the UK. Havin