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  1. hello! thanks for th retin-a advice :)


  2. Hey, I just wanted to say you look really pretty in your avatar! Keep up your blog I really enjoy reading your posts.


  3. Cool, youre only five days older than me :)

  4. That's fantastic news. I hope I can say the same for myself when I'm through with my accutane treatment... I'm only on day 2 now.
  5. Tom, Here's my blog btw... Why don't you just make your thread entries into a blog format? That's what they're for. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...blogid=565&
  6. Congrats Tom, Today is actually my first day of accutane as well. I'm on 40mg pills. Maybe we should keep track of each others blogs to match up our progresses. BASS
  7. I do have insurance, it just blows hard. It's the poor, single, working man's kind where you have to co-pay out the ass for everything. The deal w/ prescriptions is that I have a 1000$ deductable per year for them... so that means I pay for all my prescriptions until I reach that limit, after that my meds are free. Everytime I go to the pharmacy the pharmacists are always like "do you know how much this costs???"... "yeah, i know, thanks for reminding me". In about 3 months I'll get free Acc
  8. Dude I thought that was caused by getting a pube over your pee hole and the hair just splits the stream.
  9. I really doubt your razor is your problem. For what it's worth I use a "Norelco Reflex Plus".
  10. Here's the blog http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...id=565&st=0
  11. Your situation sounds a lot like mine. I turn 24 at the end of March, and have suffered mild intermittent break outs for about the past 10 years as well. My plan has always been that if I'm not over this nonsense by the time I pass 25, I'm going to start seeking a course in accutane. Most sources I've seen indicate that there's a big drop off in the number of people with acne past 25; that's why I've chosen that age. I'm currently on DKR, which keeps me clear most of the time, but I have done
  12. Accutane is a little extreme I know. I'm not the typical patient that would probably go for such a thing. As I understand it Accutane is mostly for serious cases of acne which I am not. I've had mild-light acne since my teens, but I'm now 24 and am still having breakouts I should have gotten over when I was 18. I've been on minocycline and retin-a micro for about 10 years now. The medications have helped significantly reduce my acne but they haven't totally squashed it as I was hoping the
  13. I saw a couple of people recently that really put some things into perspective and made my heart empathize for those who have acne worse than I do. In fact, I have very light acne. It is light, but persistent, so those who I do see that do have acne, most often have it worse than I do. And I thank god that is my case. There was a kid working at McDonald's today (no I wasn't at McShit to get a McTurdSandwich... I was just there...) who's had about the worse case of acne I can remember see