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    Learning about different cultures/religions, MUSIC, reading, I love to read biographies especially on historical figures, Writing is one of my hobbies, Fighting for Gay rights, HIV/AIDS awareness, volunteering is always good<br /> JOHN LENNON<br />

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  1. There's a chance I might be pregnant. I've only been off accutane for about 29 days and if I am pregnant I would have conceived around the 26th or 27th day of being off accutane. Does having a few days of accutane still in my system pose problems if I am pregnant?
  2. Every morning my stomach hurts really bad. And now my stool has like white looking tissue in it thats bloody. Yeah freaks me out a little bit to think I'm like pooping my insides out or something I dont really know what it is though.. I havent taken my accutane now for a couple of days and my next derm appt is on the 14th. But I'm really scared its causing intestinal problems.Ugggh
  3. I have also been getting chest pains just recently and it's really worrying me because I dont want to have to stop taking it. I've been on it for almost 2 months now. I used to get chest pains before but it has been awhile since I've experienced them and now they're coming back I hope it's not from the accutane!!
  4. I am almost 2 months into my treatment and my face just seems to be getting worse its very discouraging at times I also feel like giving up on accutane my friend had severe acne and recently finished his accutane course his face now looks amazing it is the success that others have had from accutane that gives me hope that one day I'll be acne free hang in there even though its hell sometimes it might be worth it in the long run wish you luck
  5. I started on 20mg Jan 12 I took the 20mg for the first two weeks then upped it to 40mg so i've only been on the 40mg for about 3 weeks now but I've been on accutane for like 5 weeks. I usually breakout pretty bad right around the time i'm supposed to start my period and i'm breaking out bad now I'm due for my period here soon. Is this normal for me to still be breaking out?? I'm scared I'm going to have to up the dosage even more. I notice the accutane does get rid of my zits a lot faster than b
  6. Anyone else on accutane have earaches? I also feel pressure in my ears not all the time though. I dont know if this is from the accutane I'm only 12 days into my treatment and taking 20mg a day. I just really dont want to get off it but I'm scared it's messing with my ears..
  7. Yeah thanks for the advice guys. My friend is currently taking accutane and he's only 2 1/2 months into his treatment and his face looks amazing of course he often complains about the side effects but overall he's glad he did it. I've got my prescription for yaz and I'm taken care of with the IPLEDGE program I was supposed to get on it this last week but I postponed it because I'm actually really nervous but my appt is the 4th of Jan to get the prescription for accutane and I guess I'm going to
  8. My gynecologist is strongly suggesting that I try Yaz to help with my acne before trying accutane. My dermatologist is leaning more towards accutane so am I. If I try birth control who's to say it's going to work not only that but theres the waiting period waiting months for it to hopefully kick in and then if it doesnt you've wasted your time. Yeah it would be nice to get on birth control and have it clear up my face but it's not like I'm going to be on birth control my whole life. So say I cho
  9. I know drinking while on accutane is a big NO NO. But what about smoking weed?? Has that effected you?
  10. Is my hair really going to fall out on accutane?? Anyone experience this?? I hope my hair doesnt fall out because i have dreadlocks and that would be bad. Imagine my locks falling out one by one...
  11. It's been hard for me to have relationships because of my skin. I suffer from depression and anxiety and I know that having acne doesnt help either. It just drags me down making me feel even more self conscious. Yes you will run into many people who care only about looks Whether your face is full of zits or almost flawless doesnt change the person you are on the inside. Your personality will shine through and make your flaws seem miniscule. You will find someone who loves you for you just give
  12. Acne is horrible but it's helped to change me; yes in more bad ways then good. But there are some good things that have come from it. It's definitely allowed me to look beyond the pimples and to not judge people. I HATE ABSOLUTELY HATE having acne but if I could go back and live my years acne free I wouldnt do it because it's made me who I am today. What hasn't killed me has only made me stronger in an f'd up sort of way.