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  1. My mom bought it and i use it all the time. I personaly love it!
  2. I was 15 when i started accutane and the side effects that i got where: Back pain ( When i bend, it hurt so much sometimes.. ) Drylips ( My lips were VERRY dry. I had to have a chapstick with me 24/7 ) Sometimes i felt weak and dizzy. But everything was worth it i find You can check out my gallerie if you want
  3. I posted almost the same question a couple of weeks ago. =P I got me belly button piercing 2-3 months after going off a 5 month course and everything was fine. It didn't bleed, it didn't hurt and it is healing verry well.
  4. Thank you so much for the information. ! I just wanted to say that it didnt hurt that much when he pierced it. It jurt a bit for a couple of days but now its fine. I dont feel it anymore and can sleep on it. Im so happy! I wanted to get it piercing for so long. + its so cute <333333
  5. My skin was verry managable. I used Cetaphil. It still was maybe a little dry at times. Ya the lips get VERRY dry. Thats probably the worst side effect i had. They hurt sooooo much at some days... I went to sleep at a friends house and i forgot my chapstick at home. I couldn't sleep at night my lips hurt so much. But still. I dont regret using accutane at all. The side effects were worth it!
  6. My birthday is comming up and i would like to get my navel pierced with the money im gonna get. I've wanted to get it pierced since forever.. I was wondering if i can do it now or should i wait a couple of months. I finished my accutane course in may. What do you think? Have some of you gotten something pierced when you were on accutane or a couple of months after? How did it go? Thanks (&. . Does it hurt when you get your belly pierced. . ?)
  7. i died my hair black a couple of year ago. But it wasnt permanent. It went of after a week( almost...i had some green spots for like a month because of it) . It was ncie but it made me realise that it did suit me as well as my natural color.
  8. It makes my skin look a lot better...But when summer ends and my tan fades i get a huge breakout! Thats why im gonna use a sunblock this summer.
  9. I kissed this boy at a party while i was on accutane and it was ok because i kept on putting lip balm every second that day...But after..omg...You should have seen my lips! They were so red, sensiive and cracked! They were 1000% ruined for like a week.
  10. I would like to know why my previous post was delited. Yes, there was the word *drugs* in it, but so what? Did i offer some to people, did i try to convince people to take some? did i even write that im taking some? No! So why? It was an important subject to me. The question was is accutane dangerous mixed with drugs? Is there something wrong with the question? I see nothing. If theres a danger of thanking something with accutane, i think i should have the right to know before i hurt myself
  11. It didnt break me out. I use(d) a powder, bronzer, conceleators. I really like the bronzer.
  12. I bought the Aveeno ultra-calming moisturizer a while ago. Personally i dont like it that much. Its moisturizes but not as much as i needed.