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  1. So tomorrow will be 10 weeks on spiro. Just 2 weeks ago, I had my follow up appt at the dermatologist. She upped my dosage to 100mg, instead of 50mg, and I started Yaz that following Sunday. Just wanted to give an update.. acne is still there, hyper pigmentation still there, new breakouts are still occurring, but i have seen a slight improvement. I go back in 4 weeks to the dermatologist and if I do not see a significant improvement, i have already begun the iPledge process to get on accutane, w
  2. Today's entries is not about my acne. I just went to the doctor for a urinary tract infection (think that is unrelated to spiro, but i have read some posts that suggest a correlation), but i mainly wanted to talk about my weight loss. I have been on spiro for 25 days today & got weighed at the doctor. My weight before spiro was always in the range of 145-148 lbs, but today i weighed 138. A whole 7-10 lbs lost. I know some of that is water weight, but I do not want to lose anymore weight. I w
  3. Thought I'd update. I would say I notice a shrinkage in pores, but my forehead is still being so stubborn. Lower half of my face is pretty decent besides sideburn area on left side and a few closed comedones on both sideburn areas and jawline. My forehead has a patch on the left side that just keeps having recurring underground pimples, then i ended up getting one on the other side of forehead a couple days ago. Whiteheads have stopped coming each and every day that I wake up at least. Hopefully
  4. Shelbs0120

    Spiro Day 12

    No i have not, thanks for the reply!! i will give that a try
  5. Ok, so obviously not much can change in a day right... wrong. So, a few days ago I changed over to CeraVe AM and PM and let me tell you, my face did NOT like it (I am guessing this is what caused the change in my skin). I have rough closed comedones (well thats what it looks like anyways) all over my skin. There are pretty small, so you can't see them unless you get up close, but I have changed back to my Cetaphil moisturizers. We will see if the CeraVe was the culprit and see how long it takes
  6. Background: I am 21 years old and never suffered from acne as a teen. A little over a year ago while being on Lo Loestrin Fe, I began breaking out. Most were under the skin that never developed a head and were along my jawline closer to ears and my forehead. I am currently on spiro 50mg and the topical aczone. I began treatment May 24th. I will say within only a few days I had a few new blemishes on my forehead and one on my chest and back (I never get body acne). And by day 5, began noticing th