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  1. lol the water is fine here imo. I would blame the breakout on different sleeping patterns, probably a change in diet?, and general stress. also if you were out drinking for freshers week or are just drinking more then that might be a cause. I find after 1 or 2 nights out heavy drinking my face goes to shit about 1 or 2 days after. and then I have to pay the consequences for the next week or so.
  2. why haven't the mods deleted or edited the original post yet? clearly is just an advert.
  3. people with acne have to stop comparing themselves to people who don't actually suffer from acne. sure there may be lots of people who have perfect skin and some who only suffer from the occasional spot, but that's just the way it seems to be. we can't try to copy these peoples lifestyles in order to get clear skin ourselves. I'm sure that if this was the case we would have found out what is causing us to all have acne in the first place. thats the thing I really cannot get my head round. We st
  4. necro I know my 6lbs is not a completely lean gain. but I wouldn't say I've put on 5lbs of fat. I'd say most of the weight will come from the fluid that will be in my muscles. Mainly because I started taking creatine. Anyway ever since I have been eating 3500+ a day my face is looking like complete shit again . I don't know whether its because I'm eating so much, or whether its because the antibiotics I was on have finally worn off after 6 months. I'm blaming both for the pretty bad breakouts
  5. I find it works better if you space out your meals when bulking. I try to eat 6 or 7 meals a day. About 2 hours apart. Each is about 300/350 ish calories, except for breakfast which is around 700 and either my dinner, or post workout meal around 700 also. Been working pretty well, and I gained 6 pounds in 3 weeks.
  6. I think its only available in the UK? Not sure. It's PhD Nutrition Pharma Whey PhD have some seriously good products. Their whey protein shakes are so smooth and tasty, and they also do great flapjacks. I wonder why they put the taurine in though? As soon as I saw it had taurine in it, I had to buy some. Turns out its the best whey I've bought.
  7. hmm come to think of it I stay in my room a lot of the day and rarely have windows open lol. Gonna start sleeping with windows open and keep my room aired. interesting theory .
  8. I think it was these anti-biotics that helped me get the clearest skin I have ever had with acne. Atleast for a 3 month period anyway. It took about 2 or 3 months for full effect, and then it lasted about 2 or 3 months. And now my skin has gradually gotten worse and worse.. and now looks worse than before I was on them.. I was taking them with differin and another topical anti-biotic. Don't know which to lay the blame on really, but its a bummer having such clear skin and then having it happen
  9. weeird I was thinking this the other day.. and then I saw this thread. About 2 months ago I had the clearest skin I have ever had since I started getting acne. I think mostly it was down to the fact I had been put on anti-biotics and differin a few months before that. However after about 3 or so months of clear skin it gradually got worse.. and worse.. and now it looks much worse than before I went on all the anti-biotics. My regimen is still the same, but my skin is just not the same as it u
  10. hmm ok. anti-bitoics are easy enough to take. and I guess if my face is feeling really dirty ill splash it with water. going without mirrors is gonna be a challenge. but I feel it will be good for me.. I have a small camping mirror.. guess it's for the best if I leave it. thinking of maybe taking the moisutrizer incase my skin dries out.. it has a natural tendancy to do this..
  11. Well tommorow I leave for a music festival and I will be camping for 4 nights. I'm wondering whether to bring my anti-biotics, face wash, mousturizer, zineryt (topical anti-biotic) and differin and keep up my regimen. Which is.. Morning: Take anti-biotic, wash, apply zineryt and then moisturize. Night: Wash and apply differin. Or.. leave it all behind and forget about the regimen for the days that I'm there? What do you think? I think my skin could do with a break.. its been on this regimen f
  12. well just an update.. my skin after 3 weeks is looking a LOT better. Still quite bad, but such an improvement. Still breaking out, but nowhere near as bad. Not had a horrible 8+ new spots day since I began. Those days were what gradually ruined my face before.
  13. I normally go at night. So I'll just wash my face and then apply my differen and then thats me good for the night.
  14. yay to weights. cant wait to start again after a month break. Makes you feel good no doubt.
  15. Have you tried the Regimen on this site? From what I have gathered that sort of acne reacts well to the regimen. I would definately try it if you havnt, before even considering accutane.
  16. well im a guy with a long fringe and not for me. infact my forehead is the only part of my face thats clear. I dont put topicals on it.. just gets the shampoo my hair gets which is head and shoulders. Im skeptical about where or not it would work for the rest of my face..
  17. did you use just your regular cleanser, or just water?
  18. Currently Im on differin and another topical called Zineryt. I dunno what I should do when I go to the gym. If I dont wash before working out my moisturizer and zineryt mix will end up sweating off all over my face probably, but if I dont wash aferward Im just going to be leaving all that sweat lying on my face. I guess I could handle patting my face dry while I work out and then washing my face afterwards. Just don't want to wash my face 3x a day. Think I should reapply moisture after washing
  19. K Zineryt in the morning and differin at night it is I have decided. We should make this thread a Zineryt + Retinoid thread lol. I'm interested to see how this goes for other people. Best of luck to us
  20. Zitophobe you seeing any results with your treatment? Yeah I think I might just go with Zineryt in the morning. Differin at night, see how things go from there. Doctor gave me 45ml of differin to be applied only ONCE daily.. but only 30mls of zineryt which is supposed to be applied twice daily. Doesn't quite add up. I feel as though if I were to phone the doctor and ask his advice about taking the two together I would only be following his advice for the sake of it. I'm not entirely sure he se
  21. Let me know how differin works for you. For some reason I'm worried that taking both Differin and Zineryt at the same time could be counter-productive? I'm kind of tempted to leave Differin out and just try zineryt for a month or so along with an oral anti-biotic I was prescribed. How long were you on Zineryt before you started differin? What was it that had your doctor give you differin as well? Did Zineryt lose effect or not fully clear you up? Its nice to speak to someone using the same pro
  22. Yay someone else with the same meds Do you put zineryt or differin on first? How long you been taking these treatments, have you seen any results yet?
  23. Well yesterday I went to see the doctor and I was prescribed Differin 0.1% and Zineryt (erythromycin) as well as 300mg of Tetracycline. I was told to apply the Zineryt morning and night and the differin at night only. The leaflet that came with differin however said that if any other topical acne medication is being used then it should be used in the morning and differin at night. Zineryt leaflet stresses that it should be applied twice a day to see best results. What should I do? If I were t
  24. bah, anyone got any advice? I read both the packages for the differen and zineryt. On the Zineryt it says it is to be applied twice daily. On the differin it says it should be applied only at night, and that it can be used in conjunction with Erythromycin although that is to be used in the morning. So.. do I go against the advice on the zineryt label and apply it once a day in the morning? Or go against the differin gels leaflet advice and apply the Erythromycin morning and night. And if so.
  25. Well I went to see the doctor today for my moderate acne (mild for 3 previous years). He took a quick look I my face, I told him the reason I came was because recently I have been getting a lot of painful spots. No questions asked really and he prescribed me 3 things. Zineryt (A zinc complex containing Erythromycin applied morning and night)Adapalene 0.1% Gel. (More known as differin I believe applied once a day) Lymecycline (300mg tetracycline capsule taken once daily) So thats a topical ret