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  1. @leelowe1 topically havent tried so much for long.I visited 2 doctors, first said it was some sort of infection & wrote rosacea on medicine paper & really expensive medicine.I didnt trusted him bcz here in Pakistan so many doc just want to make $$ and doesnt care about patient at all.So i got an appointment from someone else. He called my condition 'acne vulgaris' and prescribed me some antibiotic + dalacin t & fucidin H(topical). took them for awhile(except fucidin h) havent noticed
  2. no idea acne or rosacea or cause of it..my guess is unclean polluted water or harsh product usage..acne only occurs below eyes and chin...every single mf pimple leaves a mark/spot somewhat permenant.. what do i do? want clear skin back again so bad..lost all my self esteem and confidence. any help or idea? plz most acne is pus filled..& inflammed. going on accutane good idea? i fear it will come back due to water usage again(tap water) not really sure if water is like that or its just m