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  1. Do you moisturize? My skin was flakey until I started moisturizing twice a day. You could also try the regimen AHA+ or argan oil. I use all 3.
  2. I don't have dandruff or flaky skin, and I haven't been taking antibiotics. Right now my skin is basically clear except for one big red bump that I've had for 9 days and has not improved much. It now feels solid/hard but there's never been a sign of it coming to a head. Salinas, sorry to hijack this thread. I just wanted to hear more about urea.
  3. Hi, sorry to hear about this. It's discouraging as I have a similar routine. Is there any reason you're not taking cod liver oil as regularly as before? If it was working why change it? I use SA and BP too, but also tretinoin and AHA+. I also take probiotics, zinc and NAC. I'm not sure how helpful they are but I'm not game enough to stop taking them in case I break out. So those are the only things I can recommend. Though my skin isn't exactly great.
  4. http://www.zooscape.com/cgi-bin/maitred/RedSafari/questp428123 I wanna try this product but it will cost about $70 to have it sent here, or 2 for $100. I'd pay it if I knew it would help. It sounds good because I might be able to replace my salicylic acid serum and moisturiser with it. Amazon in Australia sucks.
  5. I think sadly for a lot of people, myself included, will always have acne. All I can do is try to control it, and even when its under control I still get the occasional bad break out, or huge cyst on my face from time to time and I'm 36. Good diet, lifestyle and habits may help a little in reducing acne, as opposed to extremely poor habits, but it is not a cure. Of course you will break out if you have huge amounts of sugar, dairy, gluten, alcohol, but eliminating them altogether will
  6. Damn, sounds like I have a different problem then. Even though I get hard seeds, they are soft on the inside. Chrishank, that sounds similar to me.
  7. Thanks Salinas and Aussie Scientist. Salinas, are you still having success with urea? There are no good urea products in Australia. I found one in the States which has 3% salicylic acid and 20% urea. So I'm thinking I can replace my salicylic serum with this. Only thing is it will cost over double the price of the product to have it sent here. Aussie Scientist, I went to my GP yesterday about my current red lump and she said it definitely wasn't fungal. She thinks it is just a badly
  8. I have two problems. The first is large red lumps that appear occasionally and seem to be filled with fluid and blood, and last a long time. The secondary is the white bumps under my skin. Are you saying antifungal creams will dissolve the bumps when applied to them? Or are you suggesting I apply it all over my face regularly to prevent further ones? Are the red lumps related? I've tried everything on the lumps and nothing seems to work however I started using Hydrozole that I had at
  9. This is really interesting as I think I may have the same condition. Do you mean clear/white bumps under your skin and if you squeeze them it comes out like a string like paste? Or sometimes a hardened seed like thing? I have been using SA, BP and tretinoin (along with other things) but I still find that they build up after time. About every month I go to a skin place to have them extracted. They steam my face and squeeze them out. Sometimes they get infected and turn into a huge cys
  10. If you know the whey protein is causing you to break out then it won't matter what brand you use, the problem is the whey protein itself. Whey is a milk product and well known cause for acne in some people. You should try some non dairy protein powders such as pea protein, egg white protein, rice or hemp protein. I've been happy using pea protein for years now. I found egg white protein tastes horrible.
  11. Hi, sorry this didn't end up working for you. It made me sad reading your story as I can relate. I too spent many hours online in desperation looking for a cure. There were so many times I thought I'd found the answer but it's never really worked out. I also remember my 30th birthday. I was already depressed that I was getting older but also because my acne was at its worst around these years. I walked into work and discovered in horror that my boss had decorated my desk with birthday deco
  12. I feel your pain, I'm 36 male. I only started getting serious acne from my late 20s, I only got occasional zits as a teenager. I'm getting pretty sick of all the clean eating, changing pillowcases, warm compresses, BS type advice. It doesn't work for many people. I've had so many light bulb moments where I thought I found the answer but didn't. Right now I think my skin is ok but I still get some really bad blemishes pretty often. Mostly deep, red bumps around my mouth and chin. I al
  13. I've been through the same. The worst breakout of my life was after I quit BP. Maybe you could try using salicylic acid or sulfur treatments instead. I got back onto BP but and added salicylic acid and tretinoin, but it was a long road back to getting my skin to an acceptable level. If you can avoid BP and tretinoin it would be good but I just can't go back to that kind of skin again.
  14. There are a lot of products you can use, which ones have you tried? There's salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, tretinoin, AHA, centella, argan oil just to name a few. You can try cutting back on dairy, sugar, gluten if you consume them excessively.