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  1. Week 2: Still have the usual dry lips, (very tolerable) and dry chin, nose and mouth. Not experiencing any other noted side effects. Good News! I have noticed is that the severity of any pimple has been noticeably reduced. While there have been a few pimples (also focused around mouth and chin) they have come and gone quickly and are far less frequent. I dare say the Isotretinoin is beginning to work it's magic. Touch wood. I have not experienced what I would call an 'initial breakou
  2. ______________ I agree with the above. I'd say for your size maybe 30mg daily could increase speed of results? I'm looking at an increase to 30mg myself on month two to get things happening a little faster.
  3. Hey dude, created an account just to chime in here. I’m in pretty much in the exact same boat as you. Male, 155lbs, 25 and mild to moderate acne. Exercise daily, eat like a Buddhist monk (vegan, with the exception of eggs) and consume very few drugs/alcohol. Started a 4-6month 20mg Accutane course 1 week ago now and similar to you, I researched the hell out of it before asking my doctor to get me on board. Based on my findings it’s the way to go. Will only potentially look at increase to 3