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  1. Hey theres probably a helluva lot of posts on this anyway but I just figured i'd ask here =) I'm currently on 20 mg a day of roaccutane, most likely upping my dosage after another couple of weeks since ive only just finished my first month of taking it. To be honest, im finding this drug easier than any antibiotic ive ever taken, and not using any topicals or cleansers is the best thing ever, BUT anyhow, I wanted to know, is ice and ibruprofen the best way to heal up redness? If so how should I
  2. Hey, Im currently on a 20mg daily course of accutane for mild to moderate re-occuring acne. My body is obviously very sensitive to it as my skin dries up constantly and my tendons and joints are weary after basically little exercise. I dont mind either of these but the thing worrying me is im developing a strange rash on my hand o.O Anyone else get this or got any suggestions on how to get rid of it? Thanks.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm beginning a roaccutane course on Sunday, as perscribed to me by my derm for my moderate re-occuring acne. Id like to know how quickly you think my skin could clear on a 30g dose after say.. a month or two, its probably impossible to guess but I figured since my skin isnt nearly as severe as some of the cases I have seen on here, it might be alot quicker to heal and dissapear. If anyone reading this post had mild - moderate acne and went on the tane for it, id like your opinio
  4. Thanks for the help Everyone. And you too blink18222 you happyflowers!
  5. Right, I've been to see a dermatolagist, he put me on a regime of one minocycline tablet a day and quinoderm once in the morning and once at night, it did fuck all but make my skin really dry and red which frustrated me. Im now cleansing my face instead and applying a tiny bit of sudocream, but no matter which product I use my skin gets SO dry its unbelieveable, and touching it makes it red, even if I dont scratch at it or anything, its ridiculously sensitive and my skin is really taking its tol