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  1. Just yesterday I had some pretty deep blackheads on my forehead so I kinda lost myself in picking at them and now there are bright red fingernail marks all over my forehead but I didn't cause my skin to bleed. (some of the marks even feel a little raised and kind of sting) How can I get rid of them ASAP!!! even makeup can barely cover them
  2. Could anyone answer this? Will this help me?

    I am a teen and I have had cystic breakouts on my forehead for about three years now, and just recently I experienced one cystic pimple every now and then on my cheeks. A couple years ago I was prescribed with tretinoin cream and that has helped with my marks and hyperpigmentation but not the actual cysts. I just went to my dermatologist today and she prescribed me with Spironolactone 50mg and I will soon check in with her in about 2 weeks so I can go up to 100mg. Before I start taking it, is th
  3. 100% aloe vera gel will help speed up the healing process of marks/hyperpigmentation, scars, and works great for acne scars. You can find this at your local drug store. About over a year ago, my dermatologist prescribed me Adapalene gel 0.3% which built me up to using Tretinoin cream 0.025%, which has been doing wonders for my marks and scars. If you want to go to a dermatologist, or already have one, then you can ask them about tretinoin. Be patient with your skin. I have struggled with cys