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  1. @Dubya_B Thank you. I respect you also as one of the more rational members of this forum. Certainly if the susceptibility to permenant side effects does turn out to be genetic, then of course it would not constitute ill health prior to exposure to the drug. I speculate however that its not going to be genetic. It feels too idiosyncratic to be genetic. In the example with Azathioprine and TPMP, the effect was very predictable and objectively quantifiable, i.e. profound myelosuppression. The dr
  2. Make sure you dont call it Finasteroid in front of the specialist - its Finasteride. One research article doesnt make something medical fact. There were research articles linking MMR to autism remember. Granted I’d rather you took your information from research articles rather than forums. But still be cautious. This drug has had permenant side effects on you - I accept that. But the majority dont get permenant side effects. The question you should be asking is why did you get permenant side
  3. I take full personal responsibility for the decision to take this drug. I am fully aware of its current recognized side effects and I am fully aware that there may be long term consequences that we dont yet know about. I accepted the risk when i asked for a dermatology referral. I have actually had to come off it, because of ophthalmic side effects. My conjunctivitis was intractable. I tried multiple different brands of lubricating eyedrops; cromoglicate eyedrops and chloramphenicol eyedrops.
  4. Different hospitals have different systems. It also depends ln your age, because the paeds protocol is different to adults. What will happen tmw is you will see a consultant Dermatologist, who will decide whether Accutane is appropriate. Then it depends on the hospital protocol, but if its efficient, they will do the pregnancy test and then prescribe the drug. Then you will go and have blood tests taken in the hospital and then go to the hospital pharmacy to collect the drug. They will give yo
  5. You’re not out of options Things you can try: 1. Second round lf Accutane 2. A stronger birth control pill, i.e. Co-cyprindiol. Yasmin is an Oestrogen/Progestogen OCP. Co-cyprindiol is an Antiandrogen/Oestrogen OCP (Specifically given for acne). I think it is more dangerous than a standard OCP (in terms of VTE risk), but the androgen antagonist (cyproterone acetate) is a very powerful anti-acne drug. If I was female I would try Co-cyprindiol. Unfortunately if i took it, I would likely gro
  6. @Biggest Brother I think the panic of taking Accutane probably triggered it, rather than a single small dose of accutane. CBT = Cognitive Behavioural Therapy MBCT = Mindfullness Based Cognitive Therapy They are both talking therapies for Depression. As for fasting. It doesnt work. It makes you ill - not healthy. Water Fasting is an amazing way of losing weight, but is horrible to endure. Dry Fasting is a fantastic way of putting yourself into self-induced Renal Failure.
  7. Hes having a Major Depressive Episode by the sound of it (if hes suicidal). Get him help which is aimed at treating this. CBT or MBCT are supposed to be good. Hes a nurse - tell him to treat himself to the same standard as he would treat his patients, with Evidence Based Medicine. I would not obsess over 20mg of Accutane.
  8. Benjamin94

    please help..

    Do what the Doctors in India say. If it hasnt got better after 4 months - the will likely extend the course.
  9. Benjamin94

    please help..

    You should have stuck with accutane. It makes it worse before it gets better.
  10. @Devolution Here is a link to chemo regimen for APML which includes Tretinoin (ATRA). In Britain, isotretinoin is not used in chemo - so I took Tretinoin as the closest comparison. It is dosed per Body surface area rather than weight. BSA is calculated from weight and height. You can find charts to make the conversion on google. If you google BSA Chart - you get up a good one. Im 6ft 2 and weight 70kg, so my BSA is around 2m^2. So my daily dose of Tretinoin would be 90mg. So the doses arn’t
  11. Yes reading that page, I think he knows more biochemistry than me. But I’ve been thinking about this 5-AR theory. It should be testable. If 5-AR has been downregulated as they are suggesting, it should lead to decreased DHT synthesis. You can measure DHT level in the blood reasonably easily. In fact, i’m atm looking at Dubya’s results on the PAS forum and they’re normal.
  12. Oh my goodness. Theres a PAS forum. Yikes.
  13. @Devolution Did you take Finasteride? CRISPR-Cas9 was only discovered in 2013 and i doubt it will have clinical applications for many years yet. It also is a way of altering genetics not epigenetics. The big hope is that we might be able to use it to cure HIV.
  14. Yes to the first point. No to the second point. As I repeatedly keep saying - you can test for Vit A toxicity. You can have your blood Vitamin A level measured. If you’re in the UK, you can check out Medichecks. If you're in another country - I’m sure the equivalent exists. I agree with you True Justice - It hits you whilst you take it and causes permenant changes. At the very least: reduced sebaceous output. If it was truly causing long term Vitamin A toxicity - then the teratogenic effect
  15. Benjamin94

    Is this acne or folliculitis? Please help

    Its acne. Folliculitis doesnt have comedones.