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  1. HAHAHAH Long term side effects....death
  2. I went up at the 2-3 month mark and like someone else said if you do it wont be much anyway. I got like two tiny pimples that faded in 2 days and werent big at all.
  3. Youre only on day 18. I would do two months of 40 before making a decision. Just because youre not ready you havent been on tane long enough Your body isnt even used to the 40 yet (you wont have full side effects yet of 40mg) For example IB usually hits around the 2-3 week mark, maybe a little later. But your prob one of the lucky ones who doesnt get it
  4. Those red marks arent scars. They will fade, but SLOWLY. Trust me I have the same kinda skin where my cheeks are filled with red dots , some of which are from before I even started accutane. Its really just something youre gonna have to deal with. I have 1 week left of accutane. I was on it for 6 months. I stopped breaking out around month 3 or 4. Ever since then everyday has gotten better. I still have red marks all over my cheeks but I dont let it bother me cause it was better than before.
  5. Can you find this at eckerd or walmart or something? I want to use it to reduce my scarring
  6. So far Ive done Month 1- 20mg Month 2- 20mg Month 3- 30mg Month 4- 40mg About to start month 5 at 40mg too and I weight 80 kg, Ive been all clear since like the end of month 3 and beggining of month 4. I dont think you necessarily need those super high doses. You just get more side effects, the same process is happening to your body. Ive read several studies claiming low dose is ok and has the same effects. Ive seen things like 20mg for 6-9 months completely clearing people with barely any si
  7. When did you start noticing the effects on 20mg... not until week 3?. Ive only done one week on 20mg and i feel like I already started breaking out. Got like 4 more big cysts that i didnt have before and my skin is constantly secreting oil that I gotta wash my face or wipe it off a few times a day. Hope I dont get another big breakout or continue breaking out these next couple months.
  8. Im on 20 mg and today is day 5. Yesterday I started breaking out and today still a little worse... Is it possible to have the IB already, this early on such a low dose?
  9. Yea, Ive tried OTCs Just figured he try and put me on another 6+ months of a different antibiotic or some shit. I really dont wanna do that again.
  10. Is this enough things tried to get Accutane -Duac -Benzaclin -Differin -Retin-A -Brevoxyl -Minocylcine (only anitbiotic i tried) I made an appointment with a dermatologist and I want to ask him for accutane..do you think this is enough things tried or will he try and put me on more antibiotics. My acne is in between its not severe but its most def not a light case. Its moderate. Also does it matter if I tried all these products under the supervision of my regular doctor? Or will my derm wan