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  1. So I'm on my couch having a nice night in, watching a movie and up comes another one of those Clearasil ads (I immediately roll my eyes). Anyway this latest ad promises "Clearer skin within 4 hours or money your money back!!". Seriously, how do these profit-hungry companies continue to get away with this crap?? I have never had any product make much of a difference over 24 hours let alone 4 hours. Any claim like this is just total BS. The Clearasil's and Proactive's of this world can all go ro
  2. Good luck dude. Please post your progress and results!! Looking forward to it.
  3. Hi random. How is your skin doing now on this regimen? I'm on Day 30 aswell. I have not let water touch my face for the entire time, and whilst I have noticed a slight improvement, it is still a far way off being clear. I am still getting breakouts (like 4 or 5 a day) on this regimen which is discouraging, my skin is still quite dry and getting flakes. The flakes don't bother me that much, but the fact I am still breaking out is disappointing. Are you still getting breakouts??? I guess I just w
  4. Hi Wapak, Can you provide an update of how your skin is doing now? Are you still getting any pimples at all? What about dead skin/flaking? How often would you wash/use water on your face? I am about 20 days into this. Breakouts have been less, but still getting them. Also forehead was clear before I started this, and starting to breakout there which is not a good sign. When did you notice flaking stopped? I am still seeing a lot of dead skin and don't want to realise that I am still dealing w
  5. lirika69 have you noticed any improvement at all after 30 days?? Can you explain your journey so far. Are you getting dead skin? Still breaking out?? I'm about 10 days in and still breaking out. I wasn't expecting this as I was previously only using water, so expected that it wouldn't be so bad transitioning. I dont' mind a little bit of dead skin, but the constant breakouts is really pissing me off.
  6. 9 days for me now. Face still an absolute mess. Whiteheads all over the place and dead skin. However I have faith and am sticking with it. Trying my hardest to last 30 days on this, without letting water touch my face. Anyone else think they can last 30 days without washing? Fingers crossed skin irritation is the cause of my acne, as I feel this is really my last hope.
  7. wapak, Im breaking out in whiteheads in my problem areas - chin and cheeks and the jawline. Similar to your problem areas. It's not overly cold here. We are in Autumn at the moment and the weather is sunny but not hot. I would say the level of oiliness on my face is pretty much the same as when I was using water only. It's not really that oily at all.
  8. Hate to put a negative spin on this, but in reading that article and also in speaking to girls in the past I really think this refers more to scars which have come as a result of an injury or accident. I'm sure a couple of minor acne scars wouldn't matter, but women like to associate the look of scars with bravery. I doubt very much that women would find scars which have clearly come as a result of acne attractive. But I could be wrong. At the end of the day, as people have mentioned work on pe
  9. On Day 6 of this caveman regimen. And I must say my face is looking terrible, definietly worse than when I started. Whiteheads and breakouts are popping up everywhere and some dead skin starting to appear. I was really hoping I would not have to deal with a breakout, as I was previously on the water only regimen, so I was expecting the transition to "no washing" would be relatively smooth. Not so. However face is not oily at all which is discouraging, as people who have posted having success wi
  10. Was having a terrible terrible breakout today. Was really trying to avoid people all day. It became so bad, I decided to walk down 20 flights!!!!!! of stairs just to avoid having to be in a lift with people on my floor for 20 seconds (I've got issues I know). The lighting in our elevator has these bright fluorescent lights that pretty much reveal every flaw on my face. I know it's so trivial but being in that tight space in really bright lighting makes me feel really uncomfortable. It just got
  11. Wapak the problem areas for me are my chin and the lower cheeks area just to the left and right of my chin. Can't seem to stop breaking out here. My forehead is pretty much clear. So from Day 1 to Day 50, water only touched your face once?! That's impressive. So how is your flaking now? Is your skin as smooth as a babies butt now??
  12. Hi wapak, Just wondering if I can ask a few questions before I start: - How long into this regimen before you stopped getting any breakouts, or was it more of a case that you just gradually got less and less acne?? - At what stage did you introduce water into this regimen? And throughout, how often would you wash your face?? Would it be silly to try and last 30 consecutive days without water? Thanks for the tumeric juice idea, but I don't think I will try putting anything on face just yet. I
  13. I think I am going to try this. A lot of it makes sense, and I really hope I am a candidate for this regimen. Over the past few days I have done a lot of reading posted by Wapak, Adam08, WaterWater and AlexAlmighty who all have pretty much cleared from this "caveman" regimen. Now let me summarise that I have understood all the theory behind this. . . As I understand it we all have this "acid mantle" which acts as a protective barrier that prevents our skin from infection and bacteria (includi