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  1. Thanks for the replies people when it comes to my scars it is mostly rolling scars (all over my face). I probably don’t have keloid scars, but what looks like “acne” are actually elevated scars. I’ve booked an appointment at Dr. Emil Henningsen in Denmark in 3 weeks. Feeling confident that this will clear up (I know, my humor is dry) some of the questions I got.
  2. So, dear world wibe web. I have managed to get my adult acne under control (in what seemed like a never ending story). Up to 25 years old I had what I now would describe as perfect skin. Now, not so much. My forehead is definitely the worst, but it would probably rank as mild to moderate in these foras, I get that, so I hope that you get that I know it could be worse and for that I am forever grateful. However, I am on a quest to reduce my scaring, keeping up the maintenance of my skin for the
  3. jiabell

    Starting treatment of acne scaring

    I never had any acne until I was an adult. It is quite depressing getting large cyst in your adult years (as well as being a teenager) as there seem to be a never ending story of it. However, I´m almost acne free now, and I´m starting repairs on my modestly scared skin.