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  1. I've heard some people on this board say this tended to happen at a certain age when they got a little older.
  2. I think it depends on what you are combining the moisturizer with. If you are sticking to the regimen, you will probably need the lotion moisturizer because it is meant to stay on skin and that should have the greatest effect that you need with BP. With the soap moisturizer, if the directions say to wash it off then I would not trust leaving it on your skin, it could break you out if it's not made for that. BP is very harsh on your skin. If you use it according to how Dan says in the regimen
  3. Dan, Sorry it didn't work going off again, I have a feeling I'm going to be the same way and not be able to get off it, but hopefully I'll at least get clear skin with a cost. Maybe you need to go through a withdrawal time. Next time you try going off the regimen, maybe ever so slightly decrease the bp and moisturizer each day or every several days until you can do without them. It's not supposed to, but perhaps staying on the moisturizer too long could break you out too.
  4. Wow, Melly that is my dream - to wear no foundation or coverstick and get compliments rather than criticism of my skin. You had no red spots in 3 weeks or did it take longer for them to disappear?
  5. Ahhhh, Chris what a nice story. That's real love right there. You sure lucked out a lot better than bignosebandit (sorry man).
  6. Well... I am not sure WHAT she likes! The easiest answer isn't really that pleasant you know..
  7. Thank you. :redface2: I've had some experience and some time to think about it. It's something we know inside, just have to be remind ourselves once in awhile.
  8. What does your significant other say about your acne? Do they have it too? Do they sympathize or care? Is it tough facing them or talking about it?
  9. Between the eyes has got to be the worst spot of all. But it does suck having a big pimple on your cheek so close to your eyes you can look down and see it! They do seem to take forever to go away, I have 2 twin red marks on my cheeks right now from pre-regimen days from glasses that used to be too long and putting the wrong kind of med on them. The rest of my acne is fading, but those ones are dark and staying for awhile, I hate them.
  10. OK, I'll remember that one and tell my grandkids and everything - they're expression lines! just kidding. So that's probably a good idea, I've tried to cut back on the amt of bp I use some. Meanwhile, all the dry areas around my mouth and eyes are just peeling off. I'm trying to get a balance with the bp and moisturizer and give it a few days for the new skin to grow and old to fall off and quit peeling. Looking back, I made sure to use moisturizer at the beginning like a good regimen follow