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  1. The fuck you're not trying to be an anti-Semite. "Gee, I think that there's a gigantic Jewish conspiracy to murder thousands of Americans, but I don't hate Jews." Bullshit. You want to know about Jews who were in or near the WTC that day? There's me for starters. I went to high school four [short] blocks away and was in my chemistry class when it happened. After the school was evacuated, they set it up for use as a triage center. Once they let us back in the school, I got to watch trucklo
  2. If your acne is very mild, I wouldn't recommend going on accutane. Most people don't have problems with it, but the side effects it can cause are very severe. You'll need to have regular blood tests, for example, to make sure that you still have a liver. When I was on it, my skin dried up something fierce. It needed constant moisturizing and my dermatologist had to put me on prescription-level cortisone to deal with the eczema that resulted on my wrists and feet (and were only made worse by
  3. I third the neutrogena sunblock. Or, if you just need sun protection for your face, you might also want to consider using an SPF 15 moisturizer. I use the one made by Purpose if I'm going to be out in the sun for a little bit, but not enough to warrant a full-body slather.
  4. I'm not sure what's better, but they're completely different kinds of salt. Epsom salts are a magnesium salt that, when dissolved in water, is good for relieving pain and inflammation. They are commonly used to soothe sore feet. Dead sea salt is normal sodium chloride, but it also has a whole bunch of other minerals mixed in with it, and is more for general having nice skin. However, I've never seen it used alone, except as bath salts. More frequently it is mixed into products, such as hand
  5. hmm.. i thought you should avoid the egg yoke since it is high on cholesterol?
  6. The only thing I really have advice for you is to see an electrologist about those hairs in the middle of your pores. They may very well be contributing to your acne. An electrologist can zap them right out so that they never plague you again.
  7. So, the thing that struck me is that you are on both legal and illegal psychoactive medications at the same time. Your problem might have more to do with drug interactions than it does with acne, and acne is just the catalyst. Interesting facts of the day: 1. Medication packaging very rarely includes drug interactions with either illicit substances or with herbal/dietary supplements 2. The government has a small pot farm where it grows pot to test drug interactions. Researches have complaine
  8. If you have only gained 3 lbs., you are far behind the national average of 7 lbs. for the holiday season, so don't worry about it.
  9. Um, Chinese food and a trip to the movies? Actually, it was delicatessen and a trip to the movies to see Sweeney Todd, the bestest musical ever, but whatever. The highlights of my Chanukah loot were a book of Yiddish folksongs, dark chocolate covered figs and zante currants from Scharffen Berger, a t-shirt from Scharffen Berger that says, "[Extra] Bitter," a classic film about a mobster's girlfriend/burlesque singer and a stodgy linguistics professor working on American slang, and a whole bunc
  10. I do always carry a phone. Its 2007. Secondly, how is going to the same party shes at creepy? We have many mutual friends. Its kind of a weird situation... but basically every time we're near each other the sexual tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife. I told her I want to be her friend... talking to her at a party won't creep her out... and the chances she'll pull me into the nearest bedroom are pretty good. I'm not being presumptuous or overconfident. Shes told me about how she us
  11. I was on Sulfacet, which has sulfur and another sulfur compound in it. It wasn't irritating at all (I have pretty sensitive skin), and seemingly worked wonders when I behaved and actually used it. That said, it's pretty much for night use only, unless you like walking around smelling like brimstone.
  12. Has anyone heard of SA causing serious breakouts? I just started trying SA pads once a day at night, and in addition to clogs rising to the surface that everyone talks about, I've developed two cysts. They don't have heads yet, but I'm really freaked out because these are the first cysts I can remember since I did a course of accutane over 5 years ago. (I'm also currently on Duac).
  13. I wish I knew. I'm 21, and I've had acne since I was 8 or 9. It started when I had to take steroids for a short period in 2nd grade, and never went away. It's better than it used to be, but still requires regular treatment with prescription medications. What has changed is how much I care about my acne, and how much other people have cared. Of course, I still have moments of, "I've been menstruating for nearly a decade! When the hell will my body stop this?!"