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  1. My apologies Your absolutely right he does use silicone which is a shock to me since hes never mentioned it over the past ten years. The only filler he ever mentioned was Restylane. Very strange indeed hes using it off label when Aquamid is TGA approved. $250 per injection certainly seems at first glance a great price compared to the $1000-1300 being charged for 1cc of Aquamid then again one never knows how many injections of silicone one will need. Very suprised hes using it since all of the av
  2. Dr.Shaun Richards-Skin & Cancer Foundation, Westmead- in Ashley Lane which is just opposite the station. People are confusing this type of silicon with the controversial type which was used for breast implants etc in large volumes and which contained impurities which led to infections and movement. I have had 3 to 4 large acne scar depressions (about 0.5 cm or slightly more in diameter) effectively filled over a period of 3 months because one injection was not enough and it should not be
  3. _________________________________________________________________________________ I couldn't agree more. Has anyone gone to their family doctor/GP/doctor at a medical centre etc and had the cortisone injection done instead?
  4. These two links might be of interest to those interested in this procedure for scar remodelling. http://transitionspmc.com/multitrepannic.htm http://www.healthboards.com/boards/archive...php/t-5525.html
  5. What are these-dermashaver/medical razor? First time I've heard of these and I've been going to a dermatologist for the last 15 years and have been dermabraded(x2) CO2 lasered (x2) punch grafted that many timesand skin peeled! I am going for another dermal graft on 28 July and yes I'm getting sick of all this. Still, it's better than what it was those many years ago but it sure takes up a lot of living time. ←
  6. Kamstan, Thanks for the rundown. Do you need to moisturise over the days?
  7. OK, I have done this peel so many times. There is no need to reapply the tca the next day, all that will do is prolong the healing process. Here's what I do, I wipe my skin with alcohol (to remove all oils in the skin) then I apply 2 layers jessner spaced 5min. apart and without washing that off, you apply the tca, do however many layers your skin can handle I did 3 last time spaced 3 min. apart (20% tca). If your skin starts to frost a thick frost do not do that area again, but you can go aroun
  8. I have used these separately : mandelic(10%) for 3 months at least 3 x weekly, glycolic (40%) once a week for a month. I can't say that the mandelic did much while the glycolic caused mild peeling. I am an olive skinned( very oily) male with major scarring of all types from cystic acne. Over the last week I've been using 8% salicylic acid daily- no dramatic results as far as hyperpigmentation or scar improvement but very apparent is the improvement in skin texture the next day- very smooth to