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  1. Just thought id give a list of good things that work well for fair skinned people such as myself. Scarring/red marks - "Bio Oil" : works really well, doesnt clog pores and makes marks fade considerably. Costs about $15 Dry Skin- "Cera-Ve Moisturizing Cream" : keeps face moisturzed throughout the day especially great for accutane users, also is dermantologist approved. I find creams work a lot better than regular lotions. Costs around $13 for a huge very long lasting tub Redness (usually from
  2. im nearly at the end of my 4th month and basically clear with one spot just goin down, but yeah anyway, ive been puttin retin-a on it since i have some left over from a few months back, and its gona down so much quicker in the past two days than it has over the pasts 2 weeks (its one of those weird pimples, not a cyst or nodule) but yeah, just wondered if anyone else had any success with doin that as i kno your not suppose to , oh well !
  3. im 18 and just have a few red marks left from acne and use a bit of concealor as i dont see anything wrong with doing that, anyway , i dont know anything about make up and just use this mineral liquid foudation which is talc free but looks kind of cakey and not nice or smooth like girls skin when they have make up, any tips ? or good foundations ? would appreciate anything, thanks x
  4. yeah, i wasnt trying to say it in a mean or negative way, just trying to get the facts out. But yeah water is still good for you obviously (internally)
  5. As much as i hate OPRAH, on her show, she was doin some bit about skin etc. and a professional guy came on and after research and tests on two twins, came to the conclusion that water doesnt make your skin look younger or brighter or any of that. So, not to sound negative, but to the people who keep saying, just be patient and drinks lots of water, the only reason that applies is because of how dehydrated accutane makes your skin, but in terms for helping the condition of skin or quicker healing
  6. thanks for the replies, haha its def not roscea but thanks for the advice, i know its definitely just a side effect of the accutane, its just quite annoying because it gives an uneven skin tone
  7. Just wondering if anyone had the steroid injection thing or any other type of prescription from your derm to combat redness and how it went ?
  8. hi im almost 3 months into my accutane treatment and its not going to bad, but just my chin is extremely red and i do moisturize everyday with a derm recommended moisturizer, but i was wondering if anyone else is having the same issue with just the chin, or if anyone knows of any good creams to help with this that are easy to get at a CVS store or longs drugs or target or wal-mart, cheers ! x
  9. im getting the same round little things on my chin, they arent spots , just like peeled skin almost and i can literally feel when its coming to the surface, very strange and frustrating especially once you think your spots have gone then these weird things come. Im an 18 year old male so let your daughter know shes not alone in this although it is still really stressful, tell her not to pick at it and let the skin literally fall off it. Also make sure shes not using make-up that clogs her pores
  10. well the success rate is so high on accutane that i would just deal with the needle phobia and feel proud of yourself after you've had the injection because then youve conquered one of your fears and not many people can do that ! x
  11. yea i get tired too quite easily and sleep a lot of days x
  12. wow 100mg is a lot to be takin for your body weight. but anyway im on month 3 and seeing fuck all improvement so dont dispair just give it time as everyone says xxx
  13. thanks for your reply, some good advice there. Im still not 100 % sure what to think , but i think i'll just cut back to 1 a day or at least try to. I am discreet about my smoking because im not proud of it and i know that people frown upon it and i have a girlfriend whose a non smoker but she doesnt know that i smoke although shes smelt it on me on a few occasions but i just denied it. I only started smoking because, as gay as it sounds, my biggest influences smoked - bob dylan, noel gallagher
  14. yea i mean i dont see how it would cause more pimples or make acne worse. i know over time it does have its effects on your skin and all that but then i guess smoking is just as bad as tanning isnt it , but people dont realize that !
  15. im 18 , almost 19 and i smoke, only about 2-3 cigarettes a day (i dont smoke anything else or do any drugs, i am strongly against drugs), but i was just wondering if this effects the process or if anyone has any info on this sort of stuff. Please let me know, thank you