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  1. I have a couple of friends who have these very shallow scars everywhere on their face (though never noticed before i got this condition) and they dont really know (nor do they care) where the heck they came from. It comforts me somehow and 2 of my friend have way more than I have developed so far. I always considered them as having great skin. could it be that this is something that develops with most people usually as they are growing up to some extent as a normal skin phenomenon, but to peop
  2. At least there was a reason and it over. How frustrating do you think it is if they are just coming without doing anything. No accutane no exfoliation no chemicals no new food no new activities not a single other symptom. Just appearing overnight..
  3. Were the cases u saw stable ? Did it stop at some point ? How bad did it get ? I dont even want to get rid of the ones I have out of happiness if it stops. They are shallow so far but are slowly becoming too nunerous. i just want to see light at the ene of the tunnel. Im tired really..
  4. I have been through all of them. Most of them dont really seem to have an end. The people experiencing it just disappear a few months into the condition. I dont know if it means it stopped and everything got better or what. I need something to assure me that this will stop soon because my mental state is at a dangerous position right now because of this. In 1,5 months my scars are still coming shallow but they have become numerous enough to notice now even from a little distance. Pores are
  5. 1,5 months now and this is steadily getting worse. Still getting new shallow scars everyday. I survived bad acne without scars. This is so depressing as I have no idea when this madness will stop... please people whi have had experience with this report here and tell me how long it took to stop..
  6. That is a picture of one that formed just today. The line as you can see. If this is the worst then it is a bit comforting but I hope not too many does it look similiar for you SLSL ?
  7. Now i am getting huge pores in a daily basis. Like in lines forming. This is frustrating. Beside my nose are now tons of huge pores which are very easily visible. This is happening fast... I didnt do accutane nor any lasers nor exfoliation nothing. Im on the brink of a breakdown.
  8. The doctors are not believing me that they are apeearing spontaneously. They are dismissing my problems and refusing to do any blood tests on me. There were tons of threads here some years ago about this but all the members seem to have disappeared. Im really on the verge of a mental breakdown if this doesnt stop.. please someone help me..
  9. Please someone who knows anything tell me. Im getting new scars everyday. They are small but steadily increasing. Im desperate please someone help me. Im dying inside..
  10. Hello, since like mid april I have been getting scars spawning on my face. Very superficial many are hardly noticeable under certain lightning. But ita not stopping im desperate I need help. I have read a lot here and elsewhere about AMVC and I 100% have it. How bad can it get ? I have already at least 1-2 shallow scars on every part of cheeks temple area since this started. So far its stilk okay if it stops i can take it. But i have horrible paranoia about it getting worse with time. Has a