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  1. Hi all, I'm just wondering if anyone has had difficulty with hair coloring while on accutane and drying out hair? I usually get my hair highlighted every 10-12 weeks. Now that I'm on tane my hair is already drying (beginning month 2) and I'm wondering if I should skip the coloring while on tane. Any experiences or advice is well appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Hi Jason ~ I just read your entire log and things look like they are on the uphill for you That is exciting! Your journey helps give me some motivation to stay positive through the awful IB phase I'm in. Good Luck the rest of your course!!!!!
  3. I don't go a minute without aquaphor on my lips and I LOVE IT. Highly recommend it!!!!!!! Give it a try
  4. Thanks for the best wishes I appreciate it! And...I'm hoping only the best for you too! Good Luck! Thanks for the advice...you are so right. I'm not worried anymore and I agree, focus = me. Thanks! I'll keep up with your progress and look forward to reading how you are doing. I checked out your cover - awesome dude! You are very talented. I wish I could sing- a talent I dream for. Of course, I sing - loudly in the car and shower...that doesn't count for awesomeness like you have
  5. Day 19 My skin is finally drying out I think...all the oil is gone. It is very weird, I'm so used to using 10 oil blotting sheets throughout the day at work and now my makeup stays on - no oil sheets needed and there aren't even creases in my eyelids where my eyeshadow is. I like this part of accutane I just wish it'd stay oil free when the tane is over! So, today when I was working with a patient (I'm a therapist at a rehab hospital) I got a bloody nose - when I was standing right over t
  6. Helga~ You are a brave woman for having to deal with that damn thing! Wow!!!! Good luck Andrea! You will do great on accutane!! We'll keep one another updated! Your log is already in your signature so no help needed there wink.gif
  7. Day 18 Oh my grossness!!! I just washed my face and my nose is all bumpy - my blackheads are surfacing and started to pop out of the skin. This is SO WEIRD, but exciting I can't imagine not looking in the mirror and not seeing those things!!!! When I run my fingers over my nose you can feel some of them. Ok day today, my large cyst type acne have now turned into whiteheads on the end. I tried to pop one yesterday (with a lance, not squeeze) and it didn't work so well, then today the darn
  8. Welcome! I use the Aveeno Ultra Calming Foaming Cleanser and I LOVE it! It is not irritating at all and helps reduce redness (which is great). I've tried Cetaphil in the past and prefer this cleanser over it. I also use the Aveeno Ultra Calming Moisterizer and would recommend it as well. Make sure to stock up on Aquaphor - it works wonders for the dry lips, wouldn't live without it! I started tane 17 days ago and I'm still hesitant - but, from everything I've read it should (fingers cro
  9. Loelle~ Thank you for posting in my log! It's great to read about others experiences and no that if you have a question or need support, there are others who are going through the same thing!!! I'll be reading your log as you go and look forward to hearing of GREAT results We are all here for the same thing so let's kick this thing in the butt!!!
  10. Hi! I started the same week as you and wanted to say GOOD LUCK! I love this forum, it is a lifesaver to read about others going through the same thing. I'll be keeping up with your log and look forward to hearing your up/down's - keep us posted. You can come to me for support anytime!!!!
  11. I'm noticing my hair is SUPER DRY now. I normally wash it daily (sometimes twice because I workout) but since it's Sat I won't wash it (because I'm not leaving the house looking like this - lol) and see if that helps. It feels fried and brittle which is a huge 360 from my norm...my hair is normally really oily if I miss one day of not washing and today it is dry as a bone....weird! I'm still nervous about the hair thinning because today I noticed some dry hairs fall out when I brushed my hand th