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  1. I have already been on accutane twice in a matter of about 2-3 years now. That is not a lot of time to take two courses of accutane considering the course usually ranges between 5-6 months. I currently am starting to break out more occasionally as well. And just like you, my acne is piling up as new ones come and old marks are still healing. I will say that I am somewhat disappointed that accutane didn't "cure" my acne the second time. But I just recently spoke to my primary care physician
  2. I've honestly never had friends or family really point out my acne problems. I'm currently on accutane and even though my acne is progressively getting better it is nowhere where I would like it to be. I would have to say for me, friends are worse. Even without them saying anything, I just feel like they are wondering what is going on with my skin. Coming from having great skin after my first course of accutane for about a year and then my skin getting progressively worse until I got on anoth
  3. Question: Do you take Prednisone with the Accutane pills? I'm confused by the whole concept of Prednisone. Thanks. Also, I'm not too far behind you...today is day 24 for me. Good luck!
  4. You probably are fine. If you get an actual breakout then you should probably look into it. I myself noticed my skin changing this March 2009 back to the way it was before accutane. I even had a breakout. I could tell that my skin was reverting because it was no longer the occasional pimple...it was a breakout on my face. Really the first breakout I have had since being off of Accutane, which I ended in June 2008. I then decided to go to the Derm and they prescribed me Accutane for a se
  5. Wow, you had a very long course. I wouldn't have expected your acne to come back so quickly. What was your dosage? I thought if it was a high cumulative dose, it usually didn't come back - but I suppose it all depends on the person. I had a feeling mine would come back, at only 30mg/day for 3 months, I don't think I hit it hard enough the 1st time, my old doc was too conservative with accutane though. I know what you mean about quick reversion to pre-accutane. Like you, it was just a pimple h
  6. Hey we're both on the same day in our course and both taking our second course as well! I have not started a log, but I had an old one from my previous course. I took accutane previously from Dec. 07 - May/June 08. My acne just started coming back recently in late February early March, which scared me so I decided to go back on accutane. I found it extremely weird how it seemed like my skin was reverting back to how it was pre-accutane so quickly. I had just the occasional pimple in January
  7. I feel you on this one! I was on accutane from about December 2007 - June 2008 and I was clear up until a couple of weeks ago. So basically I was clear for about 8-9 months time. Really, my skin has only been starting to worsen rapidly within the last week with a breakout on my face. This had me really frightened though cause I can honestly tell my skin is reverting back to how it was before taking accutane. I really don't have that much surface active acne, but you can see bumpiness and und
  8. I seem to be in the same situation as both of you! I also had taken accutane from around Dec 2007 - May/June 2008. My skin was amazing, even during taking accutane. I was clear for up until about the middle of February 2009. But now recently I've been noticing my skin reverting back to how it was pre-accutane. I went to the derm this past Monday and was prescribed Tazorac and duac gel, without previously realizing I had used Taz with no help before going on Accutane last time. I called ba
  9. Hey I am going to be taking accutane for the second time as well. I recently took it from December 2007 - May/June 2008 and have been clear for about 8 months. I was actually clear for quite awhile when taking it as well. I have recently been getting acne again for the past month or so increasingly and it seems to be worsening. Strange how it just starts to creep up out of nowhere so fast. I am now going to be taking a second course of accutane. I had my blood work done today and have an a
  10. Update// So my acne obviously got much better after February, so good in fact I stopped updating my log. I was clear for the most part from March till about January - February 2009. However, I have started to get small comodone acne developing around my jaw line, where I previously had problems before. I went to the derm this past Monday and was placed on Tazorac and duac gel. Unfortunately for me, my old derm has left the medical office I visit and now I have a new derm. I have previously
  11. Day 55 I'm currently on Day 55 of accutane. So far everything has been going well. My skin has cleared up dramatically and I'm to the point where I am not selfconscious about my skin in public. The past month or so that I haven't updated has been seen with more highs than lows. My skin has really only gotten better since the first month. I was having problems with my jawline and my cheeks. For the most part, all of the acne that I had on my cheeks and jawline is gone. I only have remne
  12. Day 28 So I'm now on day 28. This past Monday went to the derm and took a blood test and came back on Friday for my derm appointment. My derm said that everything was going well and that my results from the blood test came back well. I have all normal levels. I will be starting my second month in 2 days! In month 2 I will be taking two pills a day, 40 mg each. So that is a total of 80 mg a day. She said that it was a little high for me, but that I should be able to handle it as long as t
  13. Wow your skin has improved dramatically. I hope to have this much improvement by day 40!
  14. Day 19 Okay so I'm currently on day 19. Personally I feel like my skin is somewhat unexplainable. For some reason I feel like my skin goes up and down day to day. My parents have been taking notice to my skin though and have said that they see improvements and that my skin is clearing up. My left side of my face has some activity going on. This is kind of strange because it was my clear side before starting the course. As for the right side of my face, it is rather clear. I don't want