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  1. I don't have any additional topical lip suggestions (I use aquaphor) but I am glad you are going to be on a lower dose. Maybe the initial 40mg/day dose was too high for your weight. I just started on my third course and started at 30mg/day and I weigh 110lbs. On past courses I took up to 100mg/day but it is good to start low.
  2. You should ask your doctor or pharmacist to be sure, but here is just my opinion (take it as just a lay person's opinion). The potential danger of the Tylenol would be because it CAN be hard on the liver in high doses or if your liver is already taxed. If what you're looking for is just something to help you sleep, the "PM" part of the Tylenol PM is diphenhydramine which is better known as Benadryl. Go pick up some generic Benadryl pills and use them instead. That is usually what's in OTC sl
  3. All I can think is that so many moisturizers contain comedogenic ingredients and many people are not well-informed (don't thoroughly check ingredient lists). Also, some people truly don't need one even when using topical treatments. If you are really dry and do need a moisturizer, check every ingredient against lists like these: http://www.dermaxime.com/acne-comedogenic-ingredients.htm http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/acnedetect.htm Personally, I use watered down vegetable glycerin with grea
  4. I had gotten my skin fairly under control with a pretty simple topical routine. It was good for a few months but in the last month or so it has gotten pretty bad again. Acne on the face, chest and back. The only two changes in my routine are starting Vitex and a Multivitamin. I started taking Vitex Chasteberry 2-3 months ago. It is an herbal remedy that is supposed to help balance female hormones which I started taking to help with horrible menstrual cramps/endometriosis. It takes a couple m
  5. Wow, it's been a long time. I guess because things were good for quite a few months but my skin has gotten much worse in the last month. Not only am I getting a lot more breakouts on my face but also on my chest and back. I haven't changed anything in my skincare routine. There could be a couple reasons for this. I started taking Vitex Chasteberry 2-3 months ago. It is an herbal remedy that is supposed to help balance female hormones which I started taking to help with horrible menstrual c
  6. Just so you know, the flat shipping special ended but they still have flat $4 shipping and lower shipping on small/light orders. And the $5 off your first order still applies. Coupon code: KIN087
  7. They all have no expiration date...but are also all only good for your first order.
  8. www.iherb.com is offering $0.99 first class shipping to the US and international, good through 8/31. Also, coupon code: KIN087 for $5 off your first order of any amount. http://www.iherb.com Figured you guys could order some vitamins or herbs or something
  9. I think the Diva cup is US only, but you can get the Moon cup in the UK. http://www.mooncup.co.uk/ I already answered her question, which was about the really cheap deal on the Diva Cup (first post on this page). It is available for worldwide shipping too, same price of $14.98 total.
  10. Do you mean the iherb deal? No, it's good for anyone and actually they are offering $0.99 shipping for first class mail to the US and international through 8/31, so that brings the cost to UNDER $15. Hurry and order!
  11. It takes some practice but if you can use a tampon, you can use a cup. And some people can go both pee and poo with it in but some people have to remove it for poo. I've been able to do both with it in. Seriously, anyone interested or with questions, go here: And the LiveJournal menstrual cup community is really helpful: http://community.livejournal.com/menstrual_cups/ Also, in case anyone is on the verge of buying...I have searched far and wide for the best price for the Diva Cup and
  12. Hi there, I'm a cup user, tho not the Diva brand. The DivaCup is one of the longest cups on the market so if you have a short canal you probably want to try a different one. Here are some helpful links to learn more: Measurements and pics: http://afriska-engl.de.tl/Different-brands-and-sizes.htm In depth reviews/comparisons of most cups: http://menstrualcups.wordpress.com/category/comparisons/ And the LiveJournal menstrual cup community is really helpful: http://community.livejourn
  13. I don't think pure cocoa has an sugar in it (like actual chocolate does), so I don't think it would promote bacterial growth. But I don't know for sure. I haven't yet got the foundation, will let you know if I do.
  14. That must mean that everyone in this thread is lying. Kudos to you for exposing them!! The ironic thing is that we all know if Molly *did* experience a problem she would probably throw the biggest fit of all. I certainly did tell them that they had lost a customer after my issue but they did not seem to care a whit.
  15. So, it's been awhile but things are going pretty good. My routine is about as simple as it's ever been. Clean & Clear Sensitive Skin Cleanser in the shower 3% BP pads in the AM (rx) Dove Cool Moisture Cleansing Cloths in PM Paula's Choice 2% BHA in PM And I'm down to just small occasional zits, slightly worse before my period.
  16. I saw this today in my local grocery store (Hannaford in upstate NY). It looks interesting. The mineral makeup has only three ingredients: TITANIUM DIOXIDE, IRON OXIDES, COCOA. So, no mica or bismuth oxychloride for those that are sensitive to them. I have no idea what cocoa is like in makeup. Link to main site Link to ingredients
  17. The added yet another "Everyday Fun" contest, you know, to keep the masses distracted from their wretched lack of customer service. New Live Chat Description Olympics. Ugh.
  18. I am so, so sorry that you had to go through this. When I went through my own EM situation I felt like ripping my hair out and it was nothing compared to this! If anyone does know about some kind of CS watch group, let us know.
  19. It has very good reviews at MUA as well: http://www.makeupalley.com/product/showrev...nd/Moisturizers But unfortunately the word is that it has been discontinued. It's a good time to find it on clearance at Walmart.
  20. The flat top is supposed to give a little bit heavier coverage (or you can get a heavier coverage with less buffings). I've only used the flat top so I can't really comment on the kabuki but I do love the FT!
  21. I just wanted to add that they are still deleting peoples posts at the forum. They started a trivia contest today and there were all kinds of glitches with it. There was a topic about the trivia contest and it was up to 7 pages. It then suddenly went down to 5 pages with most of the key posts of frustration deleted. Geez.
  22. I did find some stuff at my K-Mart but only a few products, none at Big Lots. I ended up placing an order on the ELF website for the things I really wanted to try.
  23. You can't say all the stuff is crap. The $1 price does not mean it's all crap, just like a high price tag does not mean a h/e brand is all GREAT. It's hit or miss with ELF, some is a great find, some is crap. Read through the reviews and be choosy. Paula B has done some reviews of the brand and found some items that were great as well.
  24. You can read through the reviews at MUA: http://www.makeupalley.com/product/searchi...&Brand=1386 Some common favs are: Eyelash curler, eyeshadow brush, Brightening Eyecolor Quads, Super glossy lip shines