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  1. So I was doing a little research and ran into this little article. This article really helps people in my range meaning almost 25 but still have mild acne. I believe that our body should be able to fight off acne by around that age so using BP and other products would do more harm than good. I got off bp and any products that included acid in it. My skin is starting to recover quite nicely. Im sure by the end of next year or so I will be clear. What im doing now is going back to what I use to do
  2. My brother who use to have acne told me that excerising keeps his acne away. I use to workout and play alot of basketball in hs...college came and i stopped...maybe that might be a factor?
  3. Hi Im not new here, I just never signed up. Ive been doing alot of research around this website and many of you say that getting enough sleep is good for you period. So that means it should help(heal quicker, reduce) with the acne right? My question here is do you guys notice you feel better and look better when you keep to a schedule. Like lets say sleeping at 9:30 everyday. Well here is a little back ground about me. I was clear through out my high school years. When i entered college I star