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  1. I don't know. It just looked so bad. I actually like it short now though :P Maybe I'll try to grow it out in April or May

  2. I buzzed it today to a #1....It actually looks pretty good. I'll send you a picture probably by tomorrow night.

  3. LOL, actually, it started raining so I said screw it. But unless I think of something, it's coming off at the latest on Saturday.

  4. That's it. I'm buzzing it off tomorrow morning.

  5. He's on vacation but I have an appointment for next Saturday. When I brush my hair and since it's longer now too, the back isn't as curly and locks aren't an option. It's just normal wavy now :)

    How long are you growing your out too? Pony-tail length?

  6. Thank you, it comes naturally, lol. Im jk. It must be the hair and tatts. :P

  7. Thanks, but it's probably just my hair and tattoos, lol.

  8. btw. u do look like yakuza! lol. ~choooo kakkoii!

  9. i wish D: its all in the wonders of make up.

  10. Oh shit, it's you. I saw on my last visitors a guy with no shirt and then the comment, I was like "Who the fuck is this?" LOL

    Nothing new. I wish my hair could grow faster though, lol.

  11. Hi. Your skin looks absoloutely clear and even toned!

  12. Yakuza88