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  1. NOT 100% or 75% MULTIPLE COATS. Sirius be more careful stating things such as % even though it was just an ‘example’ Link below Dr Lim comments on he states that 30-70% giving an example of 100% for multiple coats has the potential for somebody mis read and actually try it https://www.realself.com/question/los-angeles-ca-tca-cross-tca-paint-technique-difference TCA CROSS vs other peels and paint 1 This technique of painting uses a needle - however others will use a diffe
  2. Can you please provide link/source to your following statement. “””The simplistic view on the morphology of acne scar is that the more deeper scars such as the icepick, will get shallower with treatment. Hence, depending on how disfiguring the scars are, an icepick scar will morph into a boxcar and a boxcar into a rolling scar. So by the time you have reached the point where laser resurfacing is required, your icepick scar would look more like a shallow boxcar or rolling scar.””” I have re
  3. Hello, what do you mean Full abaltive erbium for only 10-20% ?? You mean if patient only does erbium (no TCA) improvement may only be 10-20% ? Where as CO2 and TCA much more effective ? What about multiple TCA Cross followed by one Erbium ablative laser at the end ? Is that as effective as Low CO2 and TCA in each setting combined ?