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  1. Thank you for the kind replies , I sure hope it works well..
  2. Does it actually BRING out the blackhead with continual use ? What if the blackheads are so deeply embedded in the skin and have been there for 6-7 years ? Does cure facial redness (or heal damaged skin) ? People keep saying don't squeeze blackheads ... but how are you possibly going to get them out ? Can this BHA really make blackheads come out of their pores ?
  3. Oh I see ... okay I will try it out ! Thanks !
  4. I previously used Murad's Clarifiying Cleanser as my face wash. For now I plan to just wash my face with water ..
  5. Hi there! I want to ask roughly when can I expect to see results from using Paula's 2% BHA gel ? I've been using diligently for about two weeks now , I haven't see any difference.. My skin is totally clogged big time.. Maybe that's why I dont notice any difference yet? Does BHA even skin tone ? My skin tone is very uneven , especially redness around the most clogged skin areas.. Thanks !
  6. I don't like using biore strips anymore, I find that it pull off some of my skin and irritates it too. They have been well embedded upon my nose for roughly 5-6 years with currently very frequently red and sore skin.Of course , like most of you all I'm currently have a dire urge to clear my blackheads. Distressed as I am , I would like to face this problem in a positive light. So far , the most convincing treatment would be Paula's Choice? I would like to hear more comments on it. PS: My