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  1. dude. i love you. haha i feel so much better. and reading your post is JUST what i needed. let them stare. let them talk. FUCK IT. i wont let it bother me because its MY life and MY life is what I make of it.
  2. Hey, no prob! I'm glad I could help.

  3. AH andraya you are amazing. you've made me feel better. and i'm definitely going to follow your directions. there's nothing to lose right?

    thankyou for sharing your information :D

  4. eep.. uhm its like sharp i cant really explain it.. its kind of familiar. i just cant wrap my min daround it.. xD well all i want to know is if i should keep using it or not. it doesnt smell like the the other two bottles i went through. i think it mightve gone bad in the mailbox. could it have?
  5. its dan kerns bp. should i stop using it? ah twenty bucks down the drain if i do stop.
  6. so i was putting on the bp right? and i started to smell something weird. its like sharp weird smell... i smelled my fingers. and its the bp! what is it!? is it bad? i just got it two days ago !!! D: oh snap... and i KNOW i washed my hands before i applied it. it smells nothing like the soap i used. i even smelled the contents in the bottle. has this happened to anyone?
  7. hey haha

    i added u!

    leave me a comment on myspace so i can hook u up..

    so u are from turkey huh?


  8. lol mmmhmmm


  9. applespider

    my skin

    weekly progress on dkr!
  10. my 6 year old cousin. "juju has alotna dimpos on her face" *chuckle chuckle chuckle* LMFAO. it was hilarious. but... it hurt :/
  11. JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ oh my GOODNESS. i FEEL you. we're all stressing. it'll never end. maybe if we relax and drink lots of water everything will be okay? i think it all comes down to moderation. if following a strict diet doesnt work. m o d e r a t i o n. x.x idkidk i'm sounding like a fool right now. DON'T GIVE UP PEOPLE!!!
  12. dude keep on keeping on. i have a feeling bp is going to work for you :] GOODLUCK! if it makes you feel any better yours is not as bad as mine?