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  1. You seem to be having some good success so "permenant" may be more long term for a lot of people rather than anything else. As for genome changes can you back it up or is it a theory? I'm just curious is all, I certainly hope it doesn't change it permeantly if it's the case. It is still "permanent" with me, I've just found a way to treat my symptoms and mitigate it. If I were to stop the hormones and supplements then I would be right back to where I was. I cannot back up the fact that thi
  2. As I said before, isotretinoin doing damage to some while they are taking it is the only plausible explanation in my mind. Hypervitaminosis A stops after you stop taking the retinoid. It doesn’t stay with you forever, stored in your fat or whatever else. I just had a Retinol test last week for fun as part of my annual nutrition testing and I was middle of the range normal. Retinoids bind to RXR and can “switch things on and off” potentially affecting the genome which in turn can mak
  3. Yes, this is very true and it's one of the big mysteries. I myself had this problem (normal, even high testosterone from TRT treatment and still had ED). Really the only way I have seen it treated is to still give testosterone and try to overwhelm the androgen receptors. But this still sometimes does not work. What more progressive doctors are doing is prescribing a compounded testosterone cream from a compounding pharmacy. It can be custom-made with a much higher % of testosterone than what
  4. LH and FSH are not nearly enough. You need Total and Free Testosterone, CMP, DHT, Prolactin. IGF-1 would be good too. TSH is only going to catch really obvious thyroid problems well after they have manifested themselves. It’s sort of like relying on glucose to screen for diabetes. Not a great indicator because it’s the last thing to go bad after everything else is out of whack. Comprehensive thyroid would include Free T3,Free T4, and most importantly Reverse T3.
  5. I believe Tudca can help with NAFLD. Have you ever tried Metformin? I know a couple of guys who have IBS and they say that Metformin helps. There are several benefits other than lowering glucose. It improves your gut microbiome.
  6. I agree with you and things needed to be worded carefully. I think that liver detox is a great thing and most should do it regardless of what medications you took. Tudca is better at detoxing your liver faster initially, whereas NAC is better (and cheaper) for maintaining it. My liver looks fantastic and I still take 1200mg of NAC daily because it's good for me. I just can't buy that we store a lifetime of Accutane in our fat. If our bodies stored excess toxins to such a degree then we would b
  7. It has been a long weekend with little sleep so I am feeling a little salty, but here goes: This is what needs to be done. It's what I did to recover my well-being from my own symptoms. The simple truth is that no one is riding in to rescue anyone suffering from symptoms. WE have to take agency over OUR own health. That applies to ALL areas of your health. There are so many theories - I like to call it "broscience". Learn how your body works. It takes a lot of reading, but really isn't difficu
  8. I don't remember any mention of side-effects being permanent, but it was decades ago when I last had a copy. I think it would be difficult to go after Roche. You would need to get a product insert that was in circulation at the time you took Accutane. I took it 20 years ago so my copy would be different from yours. Then you have to prove beyond a doubt that you didn't have any of these problems before you took it. The onus would be on us to prove we didn't have a condition beforehand, not th
  9. I agree with your logic. I have not seen the video, but I’m skeptical of results. Natural remedies can help with minor problems - but they can only do so much. First you need to determine if you have a deficiency. Blood tests. Then look for the cause. More tests and reading (both, not just guessing from reading). Then you try to correct it. TrueJustice, Detoxing works - look at what NAC does to your liver. It’s a miracle-worker. Highly recommend NAC just for general health BTW - Jarrow NA
  10. No, I am primary. Clomid is typically tried when a patient has secondary hypogonadism. What happens is that there is a problem with your pituitary or thyroid and the "signals" (primarily Lutenizing Hormone) are not being sent to the testicles telling the Leydig cells to produce testosterone. You would know if you are secondary if your LH and FSH are low. Primary hypogonadism is simply "testicular failure" - usually injury, infection, TBI, opiate use, SSRIs, or unknown. The signals are being se
  11. Testosterone won't repair your genome or cellular damage. Nothing can fix someone's genome currently. And testosterone isn't a magic bullet (cream/injection, etc). It will fix low total/free testosterone. Like the other guy said it didn't work for him. Taking for years in high doses is the wrong approach anyway. That causes its own problems. Hormone therapy is more complicated than just injecting something into yourself. Your hormones are akin to a spider web and if you touch one part then the r
  12. I am trying to understand this. So, someone wrote a book and is making the case that isotretinoin must stay in the body because people report symptoms years later. That's their argument - and they call it "science"? Isotretinoin has a half life of 10-20 hours. It's not even close to years. Not even if you tried to come up with some made up justification in your head. Maybe they should read up on RAR and RXR. What is known is that retinoic acid has the ability to alter molecular "switches" in t
  13. My LH and FSH were well into normal ranges indicating primary hypogonadism. DHEA is a precursor to your sex hormones. It is needed in fact for your body to make them. Supplementing DHEA works for some but not others. For me, it eliminates any anxiety I have, but some report a very strong libido with supplementation. Others report worsening anxiety and libido with supplementation. DHEA is also estrogenic in men which means that it will typically cause an increase in estrogens (Estradiol) more s
  14. If you want to check your current "Vitamin A" levels, you can get a blood test for Retinol. Many doctors just look at total testosterone and they are done, just like they only look at TSH for thyroid. Total testosterone can be indicative of a problem so it is not to be ignored, but it's a "high score". What you really want to get into is free testosterone - that is the unbound testosterone in your body that you really feel.< 20 ng/dL is bad. And DHT is extremely important as well.
  15. I’m not angry anymore, and I think that while anger is definitely justified, it closes one’s mind and gets in the way of resolution. It ended up being a net positive for me. I have fixed my problems, and I started posting here to give some hope to others that relief is a possibility. I just had to unknowingly take poison and suffer for 20 years to get to this point. My health has drastically improved in the end. It’s not fair, but I guess I’ll take it.