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  1. acne does horrid stuff to your face, 3 well placed pimples can ruin the entire face (seems that way for mine) wear some makeup to cover up the redness a bit, but don't overdo it, concentrate on working through and getting rid of acne, just remember that there's a lot of stuff beautiful about a girl instead of just her face try to bring attention to that
  2. she might've stretched the truth a bit, but I think I might try it. I've been hearing the radio commercial a lot lately, it's them talking about "why mess with creams and smelly ointments all the time, when the better way is to get rid of acne from the inside out" then it has a couple people saying "omg it cleared my skin, I don't have to worry if a new zit will pop up soon omg omg it's the best" sounds promising
  3. I've heard about it on the radio a lot, it's acnepill.com It says it's like an alternative to antibiotics, all u gotta do is take 2-3 pills (or in liquid form) to keep acne away. I'm tired of using bp morning and night and still getting a pimple sometimes, and have red marks that stay forever Anybody try this? for my weight one bottle will last 33 days and it will cost like 20-25 dollars It's expensive, but if it can clear up this acne and i can stop [uutting all kinds of stuff on my face, I'm
  4. since i started cold showers my back acne started actually clearing up.. but I'm not 100% sure it was just the cold shower cause I also started using triclosan at about the same time
  5. o Hawaii!!! when u said ur back peeeled... do u mean from sunburn or the water itself?
  6. your skin is looking great keep it up! yea I agree with the before and after picture, they say the PHOTOS aren't retouched, but they get 10 minutes with a makeup team, good lighting and a fake tan before they take the "actual unretouched photos"
  7. thx for the replies, I've been using it for the last few days and got some peeling, put some moisturizer on (haven't been using any but will start) and it's fine now. red marks are improved, and the few whiteheads i got from missing bp for a day cleared up two days latered with this stuff I LOVE IT haha I think the acv smells good sctually but I got a real fucked up sense of smell anyway lol
  8. wat i use works for me, but i know where you're coming from, Baker. but if we really have this on our face, how did we get acne in the first place?
  9. I heard about it, it uses bacteria found on people's skin that doesn't have acne. too bad it ain't ready till like 2007 X(
  10. chlorine kills bacteria, bacteria causes acne, chlorine water helps acne my back acne cured from going to the pool so just have fun!
  11. yea but the wounded skin is from inflammation, popping a pimple and letting all the pus reduces all the stress it was givving the skin... so wouldn't it help scarring as long as your careful and cover up the popped pimple (like with neosporin)
  12. thx cat! dilute means add water to it,, so the apple cider vinegar isn't so strong. I tried 1 part ACV and 2 parts water, absolutely no stinging, felt just like water so I'll try a little more ACV next time (not that i want to burn my face just to see what I can tolerate) no drying yet either, so these are all good signs I already drink a lot of water a day. I already told my gf to pick up some lemons tomorrow, so all is well thx!
  13. HOW DARE HE DO THAT to you, carebear. I wouldn't say break up with him, but don't let that guy dig into you like that you're better than him!
  14. I don't have too much acne either, maybe 2 pimples at one time tops, my only prolem is how the red marks accumulate my acne gets better every year,hopefully till it's not theere anymore! I'm 18 btw