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  1. kibb

    skin bio order

    i had been coned!! how do i reject the delivery?
  2. kibb

    skin bio order

    i ordered like a month ago and i received my parcel from skinbio just today.. eh.. is the bottled packaging for the SUPER cp serum and cp serum the same? cos i ordered 'super cp serum' and my bottle says cp serum regenerative serum.. hmm.. have i been coned?
  3. hi shaylee, Smoothbeam is a treatment for minor shallow scarring which can gives up to 90% improvement to overall texture of skin. It breaks down scar tissue and promotes collagen growth benealth the skin. if ya r interested ya can check the thread 'smootbeam' under Scar Treatment index. If it is not offered in australia i might go offshore for the treatment. Im not sure if smootbeam does help with active acne.. probably not.. clearlight seems to be a good option to treat zits.. although t
  4. im talking about these institutions that are mainly accomodating low intellectual people.. in simple words.. full grown adults with a child's intellect.
  5. hi shaylee, interesting.. i dun mind doing clearlight before smoothbeam.. dunno if i could do one after the other.. do ya know any practices providing that service? i read the website and searched under practitioners but it shows nothing on australia. i saw there is a thread on clearlight in 'prescription' index.. i will post questions regarding clearlight in that thread.. Thnx Kibb
  6. Recently i was doing a paper on de-institutionalisation, that is, freeing the intellectually disabled from institutions that branded them as inadequate and kept them in surveilance. And i came across a quote from such a resident in an institution, "Was there no injustice in this? Am I to be thought the only criminal when all human kind sinned against me? .... I, the miserable and the abandoned, am an abortion, to be spurned at and kicked and trampled on. Even now my blood boils at the recoll
  7. after reading about the raves of smoothbeam.. where can i get it done in victoria australia, anyone? i search the internet but it gives no results...
  8. Since this thread is all about a change in perspective.. i thought i should chip in something.. 8-[ Ever since i came across this forum, it inspired me. Im really thankful for the amount of information i could get out of reading the threads, and the encouraging support from the moderators and everyone that helped in any other ways. However, what really inspired me, is how blatantly HONEST everyone is talking about their acne condition. And I thought that well.. this should definitely be the
  9. Hihi can anyone tells me if theres 2.5% BP products or any shops carrying neutrogena or eucerin products in melbourne australia? Where can I buy them? Thnx a lot.
  10. Im on the regimen for about a month... Recently I got 3 huge zits on the right side of my face... which I have never gotten them this BIG for a long time... (usually I get less of them and not as huge) Somehow I was wondering if the Bp has lost its effect on my skin... I am using a lot... Questions again... how long does it takes to completely clear up? If my zits are getting bigger does that means something is wrong? should i extract the pus out from them to make them flat? Gosh.
  11. yes.. I have the exact same thing happening.. i am using neutrongena moisture spf15 and on the spot... they seems to gloo together when iam applying alot.. and my face would be white and milky after applying... and when i used less... its ok but if i sweat or caught in the rain... my face looks as if melting (all the white gloo is visible)... Can anyone recommend a better moisturiser which will not be visible no matter how wet u are?
  12. Hihi.. Anyone heard of Gamat Extract to heal/smoothen wounds or scars left behind by acne? Anyone using it with good effect?
  13. Day 15... wow.. 2 weeks already~ I can really feel Im in control of my acne... But somehow.. I recently got an outbreak along my jawline.. why? (When it all seems to be going so well..) Looking at the other posts.. this seems to be typical for using Bp on the chin area.. Is it because the region drys more than the rest of the face causing irritation? I have been using A LOT of BP trying to dry off those bumps.. I hope it works.. :roll: btw.. is using Bp like an addiction? Must I use more an
  14. hmm.. I thought everyone have these close under their nose and bottom lip and inbetween the eyes... I have them but couldnt be seen under normal circumstances unless the skin is stretch or pull (like making a funny face? ) Anyone have them at where I had mentioned? :?
  15. Day7... Yo~ angel n mercer n princess... I guess my skin has gotten use to the Bp... I no longer experience too much of redness or excessive peeling... the redness is more or less not visable and a bit of dried deadskin which can be easily removed using a scrub... But I do get a few small.. 2 or 3 tiny.. bumps which do not seems to be growing bigger.. hopefully they will subside or driedoff with the use of Bp ... I have increased the amount of Bp used with little irritation to my skin.. b
  16. yo *far* I get the same dryness like ur experiencing.. I use an Ionax cleanser scrub to remove the deadskin.. but I would not recommend a scrub if ya still having active pimples... And also... maybe ya can let ur newly exposed skin to recover for a day or two.. I did try using a minimal amount of bp on the new skin makes it crisp and dry (still get peeling at the end of the day.. but Im not sure if ur skin is as sensitive as mine though).. if ya using other products with excellent effects.
  17. :? Iha.. Day 5... My skin is definitely peeling in sections, just like sunburntskin... but somehow after using Ionax scrub cleanser to get rid of the dead driedskin.. my face reveil a newer skin .. although I notice a few small pimples trying to breakout on my previous damage tissue (anyone notice how pimples always grow back at the same spots? ) Im convinced that my skin is sensitive to Bp.. although I have oily skin.. but using Bp makes my skin dry and peeling.. I have tried using a ver
  18. another question... :? my skin is starting to peel... while on some parts the dead skin is still sticking on... Is it advisable to use a scrab to get rid of the remaining dead skin before i put on Bp.. or do I apply my bp over both the new skin and the dead skin (will it cause discoloration)?? will apply Bp over the new skin undernealth cause it to peel as well?
  19. I have started on the regime for 4 days.. Pls tell me if the effects are normal and if Im on the right track... Im using Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser, Neutrogena On the Spot and Nuetrogena Moisture spf 15... For the 1st day of using the Bp.. I can feel my skin tighten, but I already get a bright red complexion (sort of like sunburnt skin).. Is that the effects of the Bp.. ? While applying the BP.. I get a burning feel on my skin... often painful on more delicate areas of my face (nose and lips