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  1. Hey there. I've experienced flaking skin at varying times, usually as a result of a reaction to a product. The only thing that worked for me was to use a manual exfoliant first, like an oatmeal scrub (because that is also soothing), or a washcloth wetted with some moisturizer on it (and scrub gently). Once you've gotten rid of the majority of the flaking, then I'd do a honey mask or other gentle enzyme mask, and from there you will want to hydrate the skin. While oils can help, they aren't neces
  2. I wouldn't worry so much about staying away from higher glycemic foods, as the glycemic load of a food and of a meal can be very different than the index of it. You might be reacting to potatoes differently at different times due to reasons completely unrelated to the actual potato you're eating. It seems odd to me that you're reacting less to potatoes that have been peeled than to potatoes that haven't. One thing to note is that potatoes that have been baked and cooled will likely have the h
  3. Thanks Jck17. I've been dabbling in herbs for most of my life so I've studied them a lot. I was on the path to become a herbalist at one point, but time and money got in the way. Maybe someday... So I did not consult a naturopath. I always test a herb first to see how it will make me feel. If anything, I noticed the milk thistle liver support complex had a calming effect. It has been purported to be useful for anxiety disorders. A few others have posted about how herbal infusions have helped
  4. Last week I had a very bad outbreak of acne on my face. It may have been a rash, but it looked like acne and acted like acne. Instead of doing nothing, I went full force with some herbs and supplements that have now brought my face back to normal or even better than it was before. This is also in the midst of my time of the month, when my acne is usually worse. I read a lot of posts on here that helped, so if my post helps someone else make a connection that's great too. I have included some p
  5. Thanks klessard, interesting products. I already have products with similar ingredients, including sulfur and the like. I'm a big fan of topicals as they do really help. I know a lot of people don't get results from salicylic acid (or willow bark which I use) but I do. In normal circumstances it works really well on my hormones acne. I tried putting on a light layer of 1% cortisone cream this morning and the bumps actually already seem better this afternoon. I won't continue to use the cortiso
  6. Hi, I am going to try to make this short. I am a 30 year old female that has had mild acne and pimples all my life. I get a few breakouts here and there especially during those times of the month. I have always been able to wear a simple tinted moisturizer with concealer. A few days ago I noticed a sudden acne like rash or explosion of small red marks all over my cheeks. I have never had acne this intense. It is definitely worse on the right side of my face vs. the left which is common for me. I