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  1. my skin was finally clearing up while on my new lifestyle and now i'm breaking out in cysts again. i'm trying to figure out why.. i eat a vegan diet with no processed foods, white flour, potatoes, sugar, bananas..basically what i eat is veggies, fruit, nuts, whole grains, beans and tofu. i follow this because my hormones are all messed up since i had a tumor removed from my pituitary gland. i'm trying a chinese medicine approach basically. i've got a bunch of other endocrine problems (like low c
  2. Hi. I stopped taking BC because I was getting severe migraines that would last for a week and typical medication just didn't do the trick. It helped me for a few hours but the headache came back. I went to the ER and saw a neurologist who suggested we try getting off BC. At first I had a migraine for two weeks right after I quit BC but then it got better and I only get a few now. I also think I might have PCOS that's why I went to the endo but no, I don't have any unwanted hair growing anywhere
  3. Hi guys, thank you for your replies.. I am really getting frustrated. Another cyst above my lip. It really hurts and I feel really gross and ugly.. I was so happy that part of life was over for me and eventually I will get over the scars but now it's like 2006-7 all over again. My diet is good, I drink lots of water and eat veggies,fruit,complex carbs and lean protein. I did some diets when I first got the breakouts and nothing really helped (diets with no dairy,no nuts,no wheat...). Like I sa
  4. Hi everyone. I need your opinion on something. I've had normal teenage acne when I was younger. Nothing major. When I turned 20 my face just exploded with huge cysts, underneath the skin. Really painful and swollen, mostly around my mouth, jaw line and some in or behind my ears. I got really self-conscious and kept a really low social life. After two years of countless creams, procedures, lasers and diets I got rid of it with a combination of BC, antibiotic for acne, healthy diet, exercise and
  5. Hi I'm on my regimen for two months now and the same day I started my regimen I got three huge cysts on my jaw line. They went from moderate to gross and than they started to peel. One of them even popped A week or two ago I started to notice they went down a bit, they were not swolen any more, they felt softer and the pain finally went away. So today I've noticed they got hard again. They don't hurt, their structure just got harder. It's like I have a little stone under my skin.. Is this a no